Grammar Exercises

Verb Forms (1)

Complete the sentences with the correct form of ‘go’

1. Last night we __________ out with some friends from work.

2. Did you __________ to the match on Saturday?

3. We __________ to the cinema this evening. Do you want to come?

4. If you go to the shops this morning, I __________ with you if that’s okay.

5. I get up as soon as my alarm clock __________ off.

6. I’m not used to __________ to bed so late.

7. We’re thinking of __________ to New Zealand next year.

8. If I had known the party was going to be so boring, I wouldn’t __________.

9. She used to __________ horse riding when she was little.

10. You can learn English without __________ to an English-speaking country.


1. went
2. go
3. ‘re going
4. ‘ll go
5. goes
6. going
7. going
8. have gone
9. go
10. going

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