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Quiz Your English! (2)

A.  General Vocabulary

Fill in the gaps. All the words begin with the letters  MA and an extra letter has also been given.

1.  Jack lives in Los Angeles ma_ _ _ y.  (= mostly)

2.  Cats and humans are ma_ _ _ l _, whereas snakes and crocodiles are reptiles.

3.  Wearing a seatbelt is ma_ d _ _ _ _ _. It’s the law.

4.  Thank you so much for all your help. I don’t know how I would have ma_ _ g _ _ without you.

5.  It’s ma_ _ _ l _ _ _ _ what technology can do these days.  (=amazing)

B.  Idioms: Parts of the body

Choose the correct word to complete the idiom.

1.  When you do an online class, make sure you have everything you need at _____ (= nearby) so you don’t have to get up. (chest, finger, hand)

2. I’m sorry I bit your _____ off earlier. I was a bit stressed about my job interview.  (hand, head, heart)

3.  Julian decided to set up his own business because he was tired of working his _____ to the bone for someone else for so little pay.  (fingers, shoulders, teeth)

4.  We caught the train by the _____ of our teeth. If we’d arrived a minute later we would have missed it. (hair, gum, skin)

C.  Practical English

 Choose the right response.

1.  “I can’t make the party on Friday night. I have to work the whole weekend.” – “__________”

a)  Oh, poor you!

b) Oh, what pity!

2.  “Somebody’s just rung the doorbell. Can you answer it?” – “__________”

a)  Yes, I go. 

b)  Yes, I’ll go.

3.  “There you go. I’ve fixed your computer.” – “__________”

a)  “Thanks so much! I owe you one. 

b)  Thanks a thousand! You’re the best.”


A.  1. mainly  2. mammals  3. mandatory 4. managed 5 marvellous
B.  1. hand 2. head 3. fingers  4. skin
C.  1. a)  2. b) 3 a)

Quiz Your English! (1)

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