Verb Conjugation Exercises, Verb Drills

Verb Training (5) – Past Simple Questions

Change these past simple sentences into questions.

You spoke to him. → Did you speak to him?

1. He grew up in Kenya.
2. She caught the bus.
3. We sorted out the invitations.
4. He accepted the job.
5. She was born in France.
6. You walked home.
7. I didn’t tell you.
8. You lied to me.
9. I made a mistake.
10. They did the shopping.
11. It was funny.
12. They brought the cake.
13. It mattered.
14. It was a good idea.
15. They met her parents.
16. We ran out of paper.
17. You weren’t surprised.
18. He used to smoke.
19. He forgot the meeting.
20. You cut your finger.
21. He didn’t give you the book.
22. She sold her business.
23. You didn’t hear the news.
24. You meant to do it.
25. They fell in love.


1. Did he grow up in Kenya?
2. Did she catch the bus?
3. Did we sort out the invitations?
4. Did he accept the job?
5. Was she born in France?
6. Did you walk home?
7. Didn’t I tell you?
8. Did you lie to me?
9. Did I make a mistake?
10. Did they do the shopping?
11. Was it funny?
12. Did they bring the cake?
13. Did it matter?
14. Was it a good idea?
15. Did they meet her parents?
16. Did we run out of paper?
17. Weren’t you surprised?
18. Did he use to smoke?
19. Did he forget the meeting?
20. Did you cut your finger?
21. Didn’t he give you the book?
22. Did she sell her business?
23. Didn’t you hear the news?
24. Did you mean to do it?
25. Did they fall in love?

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