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Vocabulary PDF Worksheet: Quiz Your English! (4)

A.  General Vocabulary

Fill in the gaps. All the words begin with the letters  DO- and an extra letter has also been given.

1.  Dining in a restaurant on the seafront will cost you
top do_ _ a _ .

2.  The cruise ship do_ k _ _ in Jamaica yesterday evening and will set sail again on Friday.

3.  There’s something a bit do_ g _ about that guy. I wouldn’t trust him if I were you.

4.  One of the do_ _ s _ _ _ _ of working from home is that it’s easy to get distracted by housework.

5.  I was worried the exam was going to be difficult but it was
an absolute do_ d _ _.

B.  Idioms

Complete the expressions using the verbs below. There are two extra verbs.

catch   give   keep   make   save   take  

1.  You can _____ your breath. I’m not going to the party and that’s that.

2.  Sarah loves helping out at the animal shelter. She’s exhausted though – it _____s a lot out of her.

3.  I’ve got to go. _____ you later.

4.  I doubt they’ll give me the job but I’m going to _____ it a shot.

C.  Word Building

Use the word in capitals to form a new word which fits the gap.

1.  This app is __________! I’m going to uninstall it.  USE

2.  I quickly checked my __________ in the mirror before opening the front door.  APPEAR

3. The oranges were sweet and so __________ after our long walk. REFRESH

4.  Someone sent Nina a beautiful bunch of roses. She has a secret __________.  ADMIRE


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