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Quiz Your English! (5)

Level: Upper Intermediate/Advanced

A.  General Vocabulary

Fill in the gaps. All the words begin with the letters  EX- and an extra letter has also been given.

1.  Thanks to her culinary ex_ _ _ _ _ s _, Caroline has worked at some very swish restaurants.

2.  Okay, now you need to type in your credit card’s exp _ _ _ date.

3.   During her radio interview the author read a couple of exc _ _ _ _ _ from her latest novel.

4.  Oh my goodness! We have the ex_ c _ same earrings! Where did you get yours?

5.  I’m going to that nature photography ex_ _ b _ _ _ _ _  at the Natural History Museum tomorrow, if you want to come.

B.  Phrasal Verbs: Money

Complete the expressions using the verbs below. There’s an extra verb.

chip   stretch   scrape   splash   run

1. If everyone _____s in ten pounds, we can buy Sonia a really nice going-away present.

2.  Keep an eye on how much you are spending. You don’t want to _____ up a huge credit card bill.

3. We haven’t gone out for dinner for a long time so let’s _____ out and go somewhere fancy.

4.  Walter’s looking for a second job and somewhere cheaper to live as he is doesn’t want to just _____ by any more.

C.  Odd One Out

Choose the one which doesn’t belong.

1.   sole, mackerel, trout, bass, hawk

2.  blender, spade, kettle, stove, whisk 

3.  mumble, freckle, complexion, mole, wrinkle,


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