Verb Drills

Verb Training (1) – Present Perfect Simple (Positive) – Answers

1.  They’ve had lunch.
2.  I’ve drunk my coffee.
3.  He’s caught the train.
4.  The train’s left.
5.  I’ve shut the windows.
6.  It’s got really cold.
7.  She’s broken her arm.
8.  We’ve spent too much money.
9.  I’ve thought about it a lot.
10.  She’s told me everything.
11.  He’s written them an email.
12.  She’s sent several emails.
13.  She’s taken the dog out for a walk.
14.  I’ve thrown the letter away.
15.  I’ve kept the receipt.
16.  They’ve rung the doctor.
17.  You’ve done the dishes.
18.  He’s seen this film.
19.  We’ve paid for the books.
20.  She’s bought new headphones.
21.  This tree’s grown so fast.
22.  The baby’s slept through all the noise.
23.  He’s quit smoking.
24.  I’ve given up chocolate.
25.  She’s chosen this dress.
26.  We’ve brought some snacks.
27.  I’ve been quite tired this week.
28.  She’s met his grandparents.
29.  I’ve read that book.
30.  He’s gone to the supermarket (this means he is still there now) / He’s been to the supermarket (= he went but he has returned, he is not there any more.)


When you’ve finished and you’ve checked your answers make a note of the ones you didn’t know or that you misspelt, and try to make a new sentence with them in the present perfect.

Whenever you can, make the sentences personal to you and your life, as it is much easier to remember things when they are relevant to us.

Put these sentences on post-it notes around the house, leaving a gap where the verb should be.

Every time you see these notes READ THEM OUT LOUD adding the missing verb. Then after a week do this whole exercise again and see how you have improved!

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