Grammar Exercises

Past Perfect Simple or Past Perfect Continuous

Fill the gaps with either the past perfect simple or past perfect continuous.

1.  By the time we got to the theatre the play ____________________  (already / start)

2. When Diane walked into the room she could tell that everyone ____________________ (talk) about her.

3.  We were exhausted because we ____________________  (walk) around Manhattan all day.

4.  Veronica and Harvey ____________________  (only / know) each other for six months when they got married.

5.  When I saw Caroline this morning she looked like she ____________________ (cry).

6.  They ____________________  (only / live) in California for a month when they experienced their first earthquake.

7.  Even though Jeff ____________________ (see) the Grand Canyon before in photos, he was still amazed at the vastness of it.

8. I was so excited about going to Paris. I ____________________ (never / be) there before.

9. The science teacher asked Nora to explain the formula but she couldn’t because she ____________________ (not / listen). She ____________________ (stare) out of the window instead.

10.  By the time Jacqueline remembered that  she ____________________ (leave) the juicy steak out on the kitchen table, her dog ____________________ (already / discover) it. Yum yum ! 😂


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