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48 Conversation Questions for learning English: ANIMALS and NATURE

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Improve your English speaking skills!

These EFL conversation questions are a resource for both English teachers and students. They can be used in class, or with a study buddy, or with somebody you do a language exchange with.

Tips for learners

  • In those in-between times when you can’t find somebody to practise with I recommending trying to write down your answers, or even talking out loud to yourself!
  • Ensure you make notes of useful words and phrases that you either couldn’t remember or didn’t know when you were trying to explain something. This will really help you to move forward with your English.
  • I also highly recommend going through the questions a second or third time at a later date with somebody else, as a way of revision, and you are sure to notice that you are able to explain things faster and more effectively.
  • Where possible, expand on your answers, give more details.
  • If you’re asking the questions, remember to use follow-up questions too. If the conversation goes off on a tangent that’s totally fine – as long as you’re practising, you’re learning! 😊
  1. Do you have a pet? If so, what’s it called? What does it look like and what adjectives would you use to describe it? If you don’t have a pet, you could talk about a friend’s pet.

  2. What are the benefits of having a pet?  What are the disadvantages?

  3. Do you prefer cats or dogs? Or do you like both? Give your reasons.

  4. Do any of your friends or family have unusual pets?

  5. What’s the cutest-looking animal?

  6. Which animals do you find fascinating?

  7. Can you name two strange-looking animals? And can you describe them?

  8. Which animals would you say are highly intelligent?

  9. Can you think of several ways dogs help humans? (eg. to sniff out drugs at airports)

  10. Which animals scare you?

  11. Have you ever been bitten or stung by an animal or insect?

  12. Does your country have a national animal? (= an animal which is used as a symbol of your nation)

  13. Can you name three kinds of birds that you often see where you live?
  14. What wild animals can visitors to your country see?

  15. With regard to nature, what is your favourite season of the year and why?

  16. Have you ever been horse-riding?

  17. Have you ever been whale watching?

  18. Have you ever been diving? If so, what was the experience like?

  19. Have you ever gone on a nature tour with a guide?

  20. Which animals would you love to see in the wild?

  21. Can you name some famous animals from movies or literature?

  22. In the UK it is considered bad luck to kill a spider. Are there any superstitions regarding animals in your country?

  23. How often do you spend time in nature? And where do you go?

  24. Do you prefer to swim in the sea or walk in the mountains?

  25. What’s the closest ocean to you, and what’s the closest lake?

  26. Where would you recommend near you for connecting with nature?

  27. Can you name three endangered animals? Why do you think they are at risk?

  28. Do you enjoy watching nature documentaries? If so, is there one documentary in particular which made a big impression on you?

    Elephant-sneha-cecil-Unsplash(Photo by Sneha Cecil, Unsplash)

  29. Do you ever read books on nature or listen to nature podcasts? If so, which do you recommend?

  30. Do you like taking photographs of nature?

  31. Do you ever draw or paint animals?

  32.  Do you like gardening?

  33. Do you grow your own fruit and vegetables? Or does someone in your family?

  34. Did you know that a dendrophile is someone who loves trees? Do you love trees?

  35. In what ways are trees useful? 

  36. What proverbs or idiomatic expressions do you have in your language associated with animals?

  37. Can you think of 3 rock or pop songs with an animal in the title?

  38. If you were an animal, what animal would you be and why?

    Try to give more in-depth answers to the following questions:

  39. What are some of the biggest problems facing the natural world today?
  40. What are three big or little things humans can do to help and conserve nature? 

  41. What are the pros and cons of zoos?

  42. What do you think about dolphins and orcas being kept in aquariums for entertainment?

  43. What is your opinion about people wearing fur coats?

  44. Do you think it is okay to buy cats and dogs as pets or do you think it’s better that people adopt them?

  45. Do you think it’s fair for people to keep pets?

  46. What are some of the reasons why people choose to go vegetarian or vegan?

  47. How would life be different if animals could talk to us?

  48. Why do we need nature?

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