Conversation Questions to practice English

Conversation Questions for learning English: SOCIAL MEDIA


These EFL conversation questions are for both English teachers and students. They can be used in class, or with a study buddy, or with somebody you do a language exchange with.

Tips for learners

  • In those in-between times when you can’t find somebody to practise with I recommending trying to write down your answers, or even talking out loud to yourself!
  • Ensure you make notes of useful words and phrases that you either couldn’t remember or didn’t know when you were trying to explain something. This will really help you to move forward with your English.
  • I also highly recommend going through the questions a second or third time at a later date with somebody else, as a way of revision, and you are sure to notice that you are able to explain things faster and more effectively.
  • Where possible, expand on your answers, give more details.
  • If you’re asking the questions, remember to use follow-up questions too. If the conversation goes off on a tangent that’s totally fine – as long as you’re practising, you’re learning! 😊

    Printable PDF: Conversation Questions – Social Media

    1.  Which social media platforms do you use?
    2.  Which social media platform is your favourite and why?
    3.  How long do you spend on social media every day?  Do you think it’s a reasonable amount of time or too much time?
    4.  What can social media be used for?
    5.  What are the advantages and disadvantages of social media? Try to think of at least two for each.
    6.  Why can social media be addictive?
    7.  What is something you learnt this week, thanks to social media?
    8.  Are you a ‘lurker’ on social media? (someone who consumes content but rarely or never comments or posts content)
    9.  How would you define an influencer?
    10.  Have you ever done a social media detox? (stopped using social media for a week, a month, etc, in order to help your mental health, be more productive etc).
    11.  What tips would you give to someone who wanted to reduce their time on social media?
    12.  Do you use a social media account to promote yourself or a business? If so, what advice would you give to someone who wanted to grow their business using social media?
    13.  Have you made friends on social media that you have later met in person?
    14.  Whose social media accounts do you recommend and why?15.  Has a famous person ever replied to one of your posts on social media, or followed you?
    16.  Do you ever use social media to practise English or another language? And how have you used it?17.  What are the dangers of social media for young people?
    18.  What changes would you make to social media?
    19.  Do you think people should be allowed to post or comment anonymously on social media?
    20.  When do you think someone should be banned from using a social media platform?


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