Grammar Exercises

Spot the Grammar Mistakes! (46)

Which of these sentences are grammatically incorrect? Correct the mistakes. There may be more than one mistake in a sentence.

1. It’s a two-hours drive to the mountains.

2. It’s the worse film I’ve never seen.

3. Central Park is one of my favourite parks in the whole world.

4.  I asked to John where was he going.

5.  We got home at around seven.

6. I didn’t like very much the book.

7. Its Keira’s birthday in Friday.








1. It’s a two-HOUR drive to the mountains.

2. It’s the WORST film I’ve EVER seen.

3. ✅

4.  I ASKED JOHN where HE WAS going.

5.  ✅

6. I didn’t like THE BOOK VERY MUCH.

7. IT’S Keira’s birthday ON Friday.

Remember, dear English learner – it is okay to make mistakes. Mistakes are an essential part of the language-learning process, but we need to learn from them!

Practice makes progress 😊

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