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Words starting with SM-

Can you complete all these words which start with the letters SM-? Each line represents a letter. Scroll down for the answers.

1. For dinner we had sm_ _ _ _ salmon with roast potatoes and broccoli.

2. “Mad World” was a sm_ _ _ hit for Tears for Fears in the 1980s.

3. Skunks are known for the foul-sm_ _ _ _n_ odour they squirt to repel predators.

4. Have you got any sm_ _ _ change? I want to get a drink from the vending machine and I don’t have any coins on me.

5. Let’s get Carmina on our team. She’s as sm_ _ _ as a whip.

6. Rocco met a lovely French girl on holiday. They’re  absolutely sm_ _ _ _ n with each other and he wants to move to France.

7.  Gretel was sm_ _ _-bang in the middle of her presentation when the fire alarm went off.

8. Oh no, I’ve sm_ _ g_ _ my drawing! I had some ink on my fingers. 

9. “Would you like some more wine?” – “Yes, but just a sm_ _ g_ _ n, thanks.”

10. The fire may have been caused by a sm_u_d_ _ _ _g cigarette tossed out of a car window.

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1. smoked 2. smash 3. -smelling 4. small 5. smart
6. smitten 7. smack- 8. smudged 9. smidgeon 10. smouldering

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