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I Love Idioms! (4): NUMBERS

Complete these well-known English idioms with a number or ordinal number from the list. Scroll down for the answers.

first, four, nine, second, seven, six, ten, two

1. “What are you doing on all __________s?” – “I dropped an earring and it’s gone under the sofa. Help me look for it, will you.”

2. We were going to spend the weekend in Madrid but they say the weather is going to be awful so we’re having __________ thoughts.

3. Look at all those people dressed to the __________s. They must be going to a wedding.

4. Fans were knocked for __________ when the actor suddenly announced his retirement.

5. Ryan can’t live at his parents’ for ever. He needs to learn to stand on his own __________ feet.

6. If you get to the gym before 8am, you’ll find a parking space nine times out of __________.

7. Thanks to the internet, people can shop twenty-four-__________.

8. We always have a staff meeting __________ thing on Monday mornings.

What idioms are there related to numbers in your native language and what do they mean? Tell me in the comments or you can send me a tweet.

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ANSWERS: 1. four 2. second 3. nine 4. six 5. two 6. ten 7. seven 8. first



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