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Vocabulary Quiz: Happy Endings (3)

Words starting with CR-

Can you complete all these words which start with the letters CR-? Each line represents a letter. Scroll down for the answers and more quizzes!

1. The veggie burger was delicious and the chips were lovely and cr_s_ _.

2. Why are you looking so happy? What have you done? You look like the cat that got the cr_ _ _.

3. The Sumatran rhino, the peacock tarantula and the great hammerhead shark are just a few of our cr_t_ _ _ _ _ _ endangered species.

4. Sam has to go to Tokyo next month for his job so he’s just started a cr_ _h course in Japanese.

5. There was very little legroom on the plane – it was very cr_ _p _d.

6. Don’t do business with that man – he’s a cr_ _ _. (colloquial for criminal)

7. The garden shed is often full of cr_ _ _y-cr_ _ _ _ _ _ like spiders, woodlice and silverfish.

8. At the concert the security guard asked for the journalist’s cr_d_ _ _ _ _ _ _ (= ID) and checked her bag before letting her through to the backstage area.

9. It wasn’t a surprise when the government gave the contract to one of the president’s cr_n_ _ _.

10. (On the phone) What’s the matter? You sound awful. Your voice is very cr_ _k_. (think of a frog 😉 )

Happy Endings Quiz (1)

Happy Endings Quiz (2)

Answers: 1. crispy 2. cream 3. critically 4. crash 5. cramped 6. crook 7. creepy crawlies 8. credentials 9. cronies 10. croaky

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