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Vocabulary Quiz: Happy Endings (4)

Words starting with PL-

Can you complete all these words which start with the letters PL-? Each line represents a letter.

Scroll down for the answers.

1. Prunes are dried pl_ _ _ .

2. “Do we need to buy more wine for the party?” – “No, we’ve got pl_ _ _ y.”

3. That man looks so familiar but I just can’t pl_ _ _ him. (= remember where I have seen him before)

4. “Thanks for having us over for dinner, Pablo.” — “The pl_ _s_ _ _ was all mine.”

5. The government has pl_ _g_ _ (= promised) to do more to help low-income families.

6. Oliver bought a pl_ _ of land and built his own house.

7.  Molière was a famous French pl_yw_ _ _ _t.

8. He pl_ _d_ _ guilty to the charges.

9. Sam and Katy are just friends. Their relationship is purely pl_ _ _n_c.

10. The campaign aims to raise awareness about the pl_ _h_ (= very difficult situation) of refugees.

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1. plums 2. plenty 3. place 4. pleasure 5. pledged 6. plot 7. playwright 8. pleaded 9. platonic 10. plight

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