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I Love Idioms! (5): Love and Romantic Relationships

Complete these English idioms about love and romantic relationships with a word from the list. There is one extra word. Scroll down for the answers.

crush, flame, fling, hots, issue, item, knot, lovey-dovey, meant, patch, pop

1. Gabriella wants to have a serious relationship and settle down. She’s not interested in having a __________.

2. You can tell Dylan and Jamie haven’t been going out for very long. They’re still very __________ .

3. Charlotte and Enzo are an __________? I had no idea! Since when have they been going out?

4. It’s no surprise they were married for over fifty years. They were __________ for each other.

5. A good friend of ours is tying the __________ this summer. All her family are coming over from Ireland for the wedding.

6. Lisa was furious when she found out her boyfriend David had been out for a meal with an old __________. David had always told her he never saw his ex-girlfriends.

7. Hannah has a __________ on our history teacher. In fact I think a lot of the students do! Have you seen him? He’s gorgeous and ever so funny.

8. Daniel and his girlfriend are going on holiday to Croatia for a week. He’s quite nervous as he has bought a ring and he’s planning to __________ the question on their last night there.

9. The couple went through a rough __________ last year and almost broke up.

10. Are you kidding? There’s no way Luka has the __________ for me. He barely talks to me and if he does he’s rude.

(Photo by Raissa Lara Llutolf-Fasel, Unsplash)

ANSWERS: 1. fling 2. lovey-dovey 3. item 4. meant 5. knot 6. flame 7. crush 8. pop 9. patch 10. hots

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