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Quick Verb Training (1): Passive

My “Quick Verb Trainings” which I also post on social media are a mini version of my Verb Trainings (Verb Drills).

These quizzes are a fast way for students and teachers to check where knowledge gaps are.

For longer exercises go to the links below.

Quick Verb Training (1)

Change these sentences to the passive (no need to add ‘by’)

eg. They sent emails → Emails were sent.

1. They’ve found your wallet.

2. They didn’t invite us to the party.

3. They are building a new hospital

Scroll down for the answers 😉

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1. Your wallet has been found.
2. We weren’t invited to the party.
3. A new hospital is being built

Would you like some more practice on the Passive voice?

Passive (1)

Passive (2)

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