ESL Grammar Exercises

Few, a few, little, a little (1)

Complete the sentences with few, a few, little, a little.

  1. If you have _____ time later, can you help me in the garden?
  2. I have _____ ideas on how to improve the business. Would you like to hear them?
  3. Victor has been so busy with work lately that he has spent _____ time with his family.
  4. So _____ people have enrolled on the course that they may cancel it.
  5. Nico won’t get the job if he speaks _____ English.
  6. “How long have you been living here?” – “Just _____ months but I know quite _____ people already.”
  7. I’m going to have _____ more chocolate cake. It’s delicious.
  8. Aren’t you hungry? You’ve eaten very _____.
  9. Simona has had quite _____ job interviews but she hasn’t been offered anything yet.
  10. There’s _____ chance they will win the match. Half of their best players are missing.
  11. “Are you nervous about your English exam?” – “Yes, _____.”
  12. Despite the lovely weather, there were _____ people at the beach.

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    1. a little
    2. a few
    3. little
    4. few
    5. little
    6. a few; a few
    7. a little
    8. little
    9. a few
    10. little
    11. a little
    12. few