Future Tenses, Grammar Exercises

Future Continuous


This time tomorrow I’ll be flying to Japan.
Don’t worry, we won’t be staying long.

Add the correct form of the future continuous. 

  1. Have a great birthday. We __________ of you. (think)
  2. This time tomorrow George __________  his driving test.  (take)
  3. You can have the computer this afternoon if you like. I __________ it. (not / use)
  4. The team’s plane _________  in Abu Dhabi right about now. (land)
  5. A: “What __________ this time next year?” (you / do)
    B: “I hope I __________ and __________ in Canada.” (live; work)
  6. I wouldn’t ring the boss right now.  He __________  golf and you know how he hates to be interrupted. (play)
  7. Karen’s just phoned me. She __________ us for lunch tomorrow as she has to go to Milan. (not / join)

    1.  ‘ll be thinking

    2.  will be taking
    3.  won’t be using
    4.  will be landing
    5.  will you be doing / ‘ll be living / working
    6.  ‘ll be playing
    7.  won’t be joining