Verb Training (2) (Elementary/Pre-Intermediate)

Write the following sentences in the positive, using contractions where possible. Examples: We didn't meet him. ➡️ We met him. She hasn't been to Greece. ➡️ She's been to Greece. 1.  He didn't go yesterday. 2.  I won't be there. 3.  You didn't see the film. 4.  He doesn't want to read the paper. 5.  They didn't speak … Continue reading Verb Training (2) (Elementary/Pre-Intermediate)

Future Continuous

Examples:  This time tomorrow I'll be flying to Japan. Don't worry, we won't be staying long. Add the correct form of the future continuous. Answers tomorrow! 😎 Have a great birthday. We __________ of you. (think) This time tomorrow George __________  his driving test.  (take) You can have the computer this afternoon if you like. … Continue reading Future Continuous