Grammar Exercise. Verb Patterns (3): Gerund or Infinitive?

Add the gerund or infinitive form (with or without “to”) of the verb in brackets. 

  1.  “I don’t feel like __________ (cook) for so many people. How about __________
    (order) some pizzas?”

  2. Glen really enjoys __________ (read) books by Stephen King.

  3. We arranged __________ (meet) my cousins at the entrance to the amusement park.
  4. At work Sonia agreed __________ (take) a pay cut. However, she refused
    __________ (work) longer hours.
  5. I’m not sure it’s worth __________ (go) to the party now. It’s probably almost over.
  6. Julian spends all his time __________ (study) these days.
  7. When he graduates Damian would like __________ (work) for a national newspaper.
  8. Pamela can’t stand people __________ (wear) fur coats.
  9. Before __________ (become) a rock star, Sting used __________ (be) a teacher.
  10. The book was so funny it made me __________ (laugh) out loud.
  11. They were so busy __________ (look at) the cute dog that they didn’t notice the bus had arrived.
  12. __________ (Study) languages online is become more and more popular.



Verb Patterns (1): Gerund or Infinitive? 
Verb Patterns (2): Gerund or Infinitive? (Special cases: Forget / Remember / Stop / Need)
Verb Patterns (3): Gerund or Infinitive?

Verbs + Prepositions Exercise 1 Exercise 2

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Confusing Words (5): As or Like?

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Exercise 1

Choose ‘as’ or ‘like’ to fill the gaps.

1. Walter used to work _____ a waiter at his father’s restaurant.

2. Delphine has been to some amazing places this year, _____ Argentina, India, and Borneo.

3. Did you hear that? It sounded _____ a phone ringing.

4. I think you should do _____ he asked.

5. He loves animals _____ much _____ I do.

6. She looks a little bit _____ Jennifer Lawrence, don’t you think?

7. It looks _____ if it’s going to rain.

8. Ian’s going to go to Edinburgh university _____ his sister. She studied there a few years ago.

Exercise 2

Choose ‘as’ or ‘like’ to fill the gaps.

1. Believe me, we are surprised, _____ you.

2.  Believe me, we are _____ surprised ______ you are.

3.  What’s the matter? You look ______ you’ve seen a ghost!

4.  Many people use their smartphones _____ an alarm clock too.

5. In real life she’s a little bit _____ her character in the movie.

6.  _____ us, he cycles to work.

7.  Kate speaks several languages, such ___ Russian and Portuguese.

8. _____ I was saying, we really need to book the hotel in the next few days.


Exercise 1

1. as
2. like
3. like
4. as *
5. as … as
6. like
7. as
8. like

Exercise 2

1. like
2. as … as
3. like
4. as
5. like
6. like
7. as
8. as *

* You will hear people use ‘like’ here but many people consider it incorrect to use ‘like’ in this way, as a conjunction, so to be on the safe side use ‘as’, especially if you’re writing something formal or sitting an exam. 😉

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Adjectives + Prepositions (3): In and Out of Love

Choose the correct preposition in brackets. Sometimes no preposition is necessary. 

  1. Nick has fancied _____ Amy for ages.
  2. Maddox says he fell _____ love _____ Emma the moment he saw her.
  3. Sam used to have a crush _____ his German teacher.
  4. Patricia adores _____ Alexander but she doesn’t want to marry _____ him yet.
  5. Gwyneth was only engaged _____ Brad Pitt, she was never married _____ him.
  6. “Do you have to flirt _____ everybody?” – “Don’t worry, darling, I only have eyes _____ you.”
  7. I’m not surprised Lisa broke up _____ Edwin. Their relationship had been _____ the rocks for some time. She suspects he was cheating _____ her.
  8. Their marriage soon ended _____ divorce.
  9. Katherine and Tim are head _____ heels _____ love. Theirs is a match made _____ heaven.
  10. Do you believe in love _____ first sight?


    1. —
    2. in; with
    3. on
    4. –; —
    5. to; to
    6. with; for
    7. with; on; on
    8. in
    9. over; in; in
    10. at