Improve your English Reading Plenty

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Just setting a goal of reading one or two newspaper articles a week will work wonders on your vocabulary.

There is no rule that says you have to read to the end of a newspaper article. Some articles can be very long and some articles are frankly quite boring. Do what you feel comfortable with. Read what interests you. This is hugely important! As long as you read consistently (= very regularly) you will soon notice your progress not only when you read but it will impact on your speaking, writing and listening skills.

Cache of 29 Million AstraZeneca Doses in Italy Raises E.U. Suspicions (The New York Times)

Before reading: Here are some key words from the article. Can you match the words with their meaning?

💉 1) a cache

💉 2) at loggerheads

💉 3) a bloc

💉 4) stringent

💉 5) primarily

💉 6) a vial

💉 7) a discrepancy

💉 8) inoculation

a) a group of countries working together

b) a small glass container for medicine

c) strict

d) a hidden reserve

d) vaccination

e) strongly disagreeing about something

f) a difference between things that are supposed to be the same

g) mainly


1 d) (‘cache’ is pronounced the same as ‘cash’)

2 e)

3 a)

4 c)

5 g)

6 b)

7 f)

8 d)