The Best Nature and Wildlife Podcast Episodes

Nature and wildlife lovers, to save you heaps of time searching for cool nature content to read and listen to, I’ve started putting together a selection of some of my favourite nature, wildlife and conservation podcast episodes. I hope you find them as fascinating and educational as me.

I’d love to know which episodes you’ve particularly enjoyed, and which animals you find captivating. Let me know in the comments or or you can send me a tweet.

I will be adding more links as time goes on, so do keep coming back!

Please note though that these podcasts are not aimed at English learners.

(Photo: Lee Kelai, Unsplash)


The All Creatures Podcast.

This podcast hosted by Angie Adkin and Chris Mortensen has over 250 episodes to choose from. It’s the first nature and wildlife podcast I regularly listened to so it has a special place in my heart. Here are just a few episodes to get you started!

Awed by African Elephants

It’s All about the Horn, the Rhinoceros

Hm, Hummingbirds

It’s not a Whale, it’s a Whale Shark

Revere, not Fear, the Great White Shark

The Creepier the Better with Mallory Lindsay (wildlife educator and science communicator)

Jaw-dropping Jaguars

Nature Guys Podcast

Firefighting Beavers with Gia Giammarinaro

Wolves of Yellowstone

Bicycling with Butterflies with Sara Dykman

The Big New Five Podcast

Interview with Dr Okwir Ricky Okello, field veterinarian for Gorilla Doctors (Uganda, Rwanda and DRC)

Interview with Farwiza Farhan, co-founder of HAkA, an NGO which works to protect the Leuser Ecosystem in Aceh, Indonesia, home to orangutans, tigers, elephants and rhinoceros

Interview with Iain Douglas-Hamilton, founder and senior scientist of Save The Elephants.

Elephant Tails Podcast

Interview with Baiju Raj at Wildlife SOS about his love of wildlife and his adventures rescuing snakes and other animals from wells in India.

The Wild with Chris Morgan

The Comeback Cat: Spain’s Iberian Lynx

THE UK Wildlife Podcast

Basking Sharks with Dr Isla Hodgson

The Wildlife Community Podcast

It’s a Bug’s Life with Dave Goulson

Solitary Bees with Jeff Ollerton, Professor of Pollination

Wildlife Conservation Insights Podcast

Interview with Dr. Cecile Gaspar, founder of the NGO Te mana o te moana in French Polynesia. Estelle and Cecile chat about education, sea turtles and how to get involved in species conservation.

The Science of Birds Podcast

Bird Songs, Part 1, Part 2

Coffee and Bird Conservation

This Wild Life Podcast

The world’s most trafficked animal. Pangolins with Professor Ray Jansen

A mission to save the coral reefs of Madagascar with Roderick Stein-Rostaing

On Wildlife Podcast

Orangutans with Leif Cocks

Seahorses with David Harasti

(Photo by Mark Flanagan, Unsplash)

Into the Wild Podcast

Bringing Nature Back with James Harding-Morris of Back from the Brink

Frogs of New Orleans with Gina Zwicky

Sea Turtles with Carlee Jackson, shark and sea turtle conservationist and founder of Miss Elasmo (Minorities in Shark Science)

Pangolin: The Conservation Podcast

Welcome to the Land of the Lemurs with Lucía Rodríguez Valverde, director of the Lemur Conservation Network

Nature Boost Podcast

Snakes with Jeff Briggler, Missouri Herpetologist

Inquiring Minds Podcast

How Cats Tamed Us and Took Over the World

Sharks: The ocean’s most mysterious, most misunderstood, and most important guardians. Interview with William McKeever, author and filmmaker.


Octopus with Warren Carlyle of Octonation

Nature Vocabulary Printable Worksheets

Improve your English vocabulary and reading skills while learning about nature!

Each worksheet contains a fun facts gap fill and an idioms exercise.

Beautiful Bees

Gentle Giraffes

Fascinating Sharks

Splendid Sloths

Precious Pangolins

Speaking Skills: Conversation Questions

Animals and Nature


Have fun with English: Animal Trivia Quiz

Copy of IG - Vocabulary Quiz - Idioms (Animals)-4

It’s time to put your animal expertise to the test, my dear English students! The answers are at the bottom of the page.

1.  The fastest creature in the animal kingdom is a bird, the ________.

(a)  common swift

(b)  frigate bird

(c)  great horned owl

(d)  peregrine falcon

2.  A baby kangaroo is known as a ________.

(a)  jill

(b)  jim

(c)  joey

(d)  jonny

Joey - cropped

3.¬†Which snake isn’t native to the British Isles?

(a)  adder

(b)  grass

(c)  rattlesnake 

(d)  smooth

4.¬† Which mythical creature is Scotland’s national animal?

(a)  unicorn

(b)  griffin

(c)  phoenix

(d)  dragon

Facebook Cheetah

5.¬† Which of the big cats can’t roar?

(a)  jaguar 

(b)  cheetah

(c)  leopard

(d) tiger

6.¬† Which of these isn’t a species of shark?

(a)  bottlenose

(b)  cookiecutter

(c)  goblin

(d)  leopard

Meerkat - animal quiz

7.  Which of these animals spends most of its life in a tree?

(a) otter

(b)  walrus

(c)  sloth

(d) meerkat

8.¬† Which of these won’t you find in a honey bee colony?

a) a slacker

b) a worker

(c) a queen

(d) a drone

Bee on flower


1.  (d) peregrine falcon (they can dive at over 320km/h!)

2.  (c) joey  (click here for 5 Amazing Kangaroo Joey Facts)

3.  (c) rattlesnake (native to the Americas)

4.  (a) unicorn (click here for 10 Magical Facts about Unicorns)

5.  (b) cheetah (it can purr though!)

6.¬† (a) bottlenose (it’s a dolphin species)

7.  (c) sloth  (they are much safer up in the trees!)

8.¬† (a) slacker¬† (a slacker is an informal word for a person who is lazy and doesn’t do all the work they should)

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