phrasal verb exercises

Vocabulary Exercise: Phrasal Verbs with UP

English Level: B2 / C1

Exercise 1

Complete the sentences using one of these phrasal verbs in the correct form.

bottle up, budge up, chase up, curl up, fog up

1. The two cats were __________ together on the sofa.

2. I want to sit down. __________ !

3. There are quite a few invoices that haven’t been paid yet. I need you to __________ them __________ for me.

4. It’s not a good idea to __________ your feelings. Try talking to close friends or using a journal to express how you feel.

5. On very cold days your glasses and car windscreen can __________ .

Exercise 2

Complete the sentences using one of these phrasal verbs in the correct form.

loosen up, muster up, pull up, scoop up, set up

1. A car has just __________ outside. I think it’s your aunt.

2. Can you phone the client and see if you can __________ a meeting for Monday morning?

3. José is a bit scared of horses but he finally __________ the courage to go horse riding.

4. Once the kids had gone to bed Sonia quickly __________ the toys they’d left on the floor.

5. Stanley is so serious sometimes. I wish he would __________ a bit.


Exercise 1.

1. curled up 2. budge up (informal) 3. chase up 4. bottle up 5. fog up

Exercise 2.

1. pulled up 2. set up 3. mustered up 4. scooped up 5. loosen up

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Phrasal Verbs (5): Come

Add a suitable phrasal verb in the correct form. There is one extra verb.  

come across     come down with     come off     come over    come to
come up     come up with    

1.  We need to __________ a cheaper solution to the problem.

2.  Last night some friends __________ to our place and we had pizza and watched a movie.

3.  I was shocked when I saw that our hotel bill had __________ almost five hundred pounds.

4.¬† I’m going to have to cancel our meeting. I’m afraid something urgent has __________.

5.¬† The four of us were planning a trip to Australia but in the end it didn’t __________ .

6.¬† As I was looking through an old diary of mine, I __________ some of photos of my grandmother that I’d completely forgotten about.


1.  come up with
2.  came over
3.  come to
4.  come up
5.  come off
6.  came across

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