vocabulary exercise

Word Formation Exercise (1)

Use the word in capitals to form a new word which fits the gap. Scroll down for the answers.

1.  You have to put your _____ at the bottom of each page.  SIGN

2.  If Roger says he’ll be there at nine o’clock, he’ll be there at nine o’clock.  He’s very _____ .  RELY

3.  I couldn’t get on the bus because it was very _____ .  CROWD

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1. signature
2. reliable
3. crowded

vocabulary exercise

Answer to Quick Vocabulary Quiz (3)

The answer is DAWDLER 😎

If someone dawdles or is a dawdler they take too long to do things. It’s not a very critical word though, it’s quite gentle. And it’s perhaps most used to get someone to move faster.

For example, my son can get a bit distracted with the football news on the TV in the morning when he is supposed to be getting ready to go to school, so I’ll tell him, “Hey, don’t dawdle, or you’ll be late for school.”

The other words, in a nutshell, refer to grumpy people. For instance, a killjoy is someone who spoils other people’s enjoyment or enthusiasm for something.

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