vocabulary exercises

Quiz Your English! (4)

A.  General Vocabulary

Fill in the gaps. All the words begin with the letters  DO- and an extra letter has also been given.

1.  Dining in a restaurant on the seafront will cost you
top do_ _ a _ .

2.  The cruise ship do_ k _ _ in Jamaica yesterday evening and will set sail again on Friday.

3.  There’s something a bit do_ g _ about that guy. I wouldn’t trust him if I were you.

4.  One of the do_ _ s _ _ _ _ of working from home is that it’s easy to get distracted by housework.

5.  I was worried the exam was going to be difficult but it was
an absolute do_ d _ _.

B.  Idioms

Complete the expressions using the verbs below. There are two extra verbs.

catch   give   keep   make   save   take  

1.  You can _____ your breath. I’m not going to the party and that’s that.

2.  Sarah loves helping out at the animal shelter. She’s exhausted though – it _____s a lot out of her.

3.  I’ve got to go. _____ you later.

4.  I doubt they’ll give me the job but I’m going to _____ it a shot.

C.  Word Building

Use the word in capitals to form a new word which fits the gap.

1.  This app is __________! I’m going to uninstall it.  USE

2.  I quickly checked my __________ in the mirror before opening the front door.  APPEAR

3. The oranges were sweet and so __________ after our long walk. REFRESH

4.  Someone sent Nina a beautiful bunch of roses. She has a secret __________.  ADMIRE


vocabulary exercises

Quiz Your English! (3)

A.  General Vocabulary

Fill in the gaps. All the words begin with the letters  HE- and an extra letter has also been given.

1.  Sorry I didn’t call you yesterday but I had a really he_ _ _c day. (= busy)

2.  We’re going to plant a he_ g _ at the end of the garden to give us more privacy.

3.  Jack’s not very confident about his French so he hes_ _ _ _ _ _  a lot when he speaks. (= pauses)

4. Firefighters wear he_ m _ _ _ to protect them from heat and falling objects.

5.  Do you mind listening to your music with he_ _ _ h _ _ _ _ on? I can’t concentrate.

B.  Food Idioms

Complete the expressions using the words below. There are two extra words.

apples   gooseberries   grapes   nuts   peppers   salts

1.  Daniel was criticising how his team played on Saturday but it’s just sour _____ because he wasn’t chosen to play.

2.  I don’t know what on earth was in that smoothie but it went through me like a dose of _____ and I had to rush to the nearest bathroom.

3. Come on, you can’t compare heavy metal to jazz! That’s like comparing _____ to oranges. 

4.  The crowd went _____ when Lady Gaga walked onto the stage.

C.  Word Building

Use the word in capitals to form a new word which fits the gap.

1.  What __________ will we need for our camping trip?  EQUIP

2.  Ugh! What on earth is that __________  smell!  DISGUST

3.  To my __________ Grant apologised. He never apologises for anything!  AMAZE

4.  Nobody lives on the island – it’s __________.  INHABIT


A. 1. hectic  2.  hedge  3. hesitates  4. helmets  5. headphones

B. 1. grapes  2. salts  3.  apples  4. nuts

C. 1. equipment  2. disgusting  3. amazement  4.  uninhabited

vocabulary exercises

Idioms with Keep

Fill the gaps using these words:

amused, bay, loop, profile, tabs, toes, voice, watch

1.  Lucy does yoga to help keep her anxiety at _____.

2.  Nora uses a notebook to keep _____ on how much she spends on groceries and so on.

3.  While I’m away on my trip I want you to keep me in the ____ about what’s happening at the office.

4.  Max keeps his students on their _____ by asking them lots of challenging questions.

5.  I’ve got to make a phone call so please can you keep your _____ down.

6.  We took some colouring books, stickers and games to keep the children _____ on the flight.

7.  There are pickpockets on the train sometimes so keep a close ____ on your camera and your bag.

8. The film star spends every summer in the village but keeps a low _____ – you’d barely know she was there.



1. bay 2. tabs 3. loop 4. toes 5. voice 6. amused 7. watch 8. profile

More VOCABULARY Exercises

vocabulary exercises

Quiz Your English! (2)

A.  General Vocabulary

Fill in the gaps. All the words begin with the letters  MA and an extra letter has also been given.

1.  Jack lives in Los Angeles ma_ _ _ y.  (= mostly)

2.  Cats and humans are ma_ _ _ l _, whereas snakes and crocodiles are reptiles.

3.  Wearing a seatbelt is ma_ d _ _ _ _ _. It’s the law.

4.  Thank you so much for all your help. I don’t know how I would have ma_ _ g _ _ without you.

5.  It’s ma_ _ _ l _ _ _ _ what technology can do these days.  (=amazing)

B.  Idioms: Parts of the body

Choose the correct word to complete the idiom.

1.  When you do an online class, make sure you have everything you need at _____ (= nearby) so you don’t have to get up. (chest, finger, hand)

2. I’m sorry I bit your _____ off earlier. I was a bit stressed about my job interview.  (hand, head, heart)

3.  Julian decided to set up his own business because he was tired of working his _____ to the bone for someone else for so little pay.  (fingers, shoulders, teeth)

4.  We caught the train by the _____ of our teeth. If we’d arrived a minute later we would have missed it. (hair, gum, skin)

C.  Practical English

 Choose the right response.

1.  “I can’t make the party on Friday night. I have to work the whole weekend.” – “__________”

a)  Oh, poor you!

b) Oh, what pity!

2.  “Somebody’s just rung the doorbell. Can you answer it?” – “__________”

a)  Yes, I go. 

b)  Yes, I’ll go.

3.  “There you go. I’ve fixed your computer.” – “__________”

a)  “Thanks so much! I owe you one. 

b)  Thanks a thousand! You’re the best.”


A.  1. mainly  2. mammals  3. mandatory 4. managed 5 marvellous
B.  1. hand 2. head 3. fingers  4. skin
C.  1. a)  2. b) 3 a)

Quiz Your English! (1)

vocabulary exercises

Quiz Your English! (1)

A.  General Vocabulary

Fill in the gaps. All the words begin with the letters AN and an extra letter has also been given.

1. Amy and Leonard are celebrating their 50th wedding an_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ y  this Saturday.

2. Cinzia isn’t an_ t _ _ _ _ like her sister. She is far more outgoing.

3.  John isn’t playing basketball at the moment as he has sprained his an_ l _.

4.  The money was donated by someone who wishes to remain an_ n _ _ _ _ s.

5.  Deer, moose and caribou have an_ l _ _ _ .

B.  Idioms 

Choose the correct verb to complete the idioms.

1.  “I’m not usually one to _____ my own trumpet but I think I’m a pretty good cook,” said Julia. (blow, push, turn)

2.  You’re a bit tense about the meeting tomorrow. Why don’t you go for a run and _____ off some steam? (break, go, let)

3. The children are _____ under my feet. Do you mind taking them to the park so that I can get on with making lunch? (getting, going, running)

4.  We _____ the house upside down trying to find Ben’s football shoes but we couldn’t find them anywhere.  (lifted, ran, turned)

C.  Practical English

Choose the correct response.

1.  “Shall I carry that for you?”  – “No, don’t worry. _______________”

a)  I can do.  b) I can manage.

2.  “Can you lend me your pen?” – “_______________.”

a)  Yes, here you are.  b)  Yes, here you have it.

3.  “Do you know how to do this?” – “_______________.”

a)  Sorry, I have no idea.  b)  Sorry, I don’t have idea.


A. 1. anniversary 2. anything 3. ankle 4. anonymous 5. antlers.
B. 1. blow 2. let 3. getting 4. turned
C. 1. b) 2. a) 3. a)

Quiz Your English! (2) 😻 New! 😻

vocabulary exercises

Idioms with ‘Make’ (2)

Choose the correct alternative in brackets.

  1. The traffic was so bad that we got to the hotel very late, and to make _____ worse they couldn’t find our reservation. (issues, matters, thing)
  2. It makes my blood _____ when I see people mistreating animals. (boil, hot, thick)
  3. Grandpa is in a grumpy mood so it’s best if we make ourselves _____ for a few hours. (scarce, splash, tracks)
  4. Lily adores her grandparents’ dog. She always makes a big _____ over him.  (bolt, fool, fuss)
  5. So the waiter overcharged you by fifty pence. You didn’t need to make a _____ about it. It was a just a simple mistake and you embarrassed the poor guy. (cat and mouse, kiss and tell, song and dance)
  6. When Robert quit his job he made no ______ about what he thought of the boss.  (bites, bones, brains)
  7. Harry said there isn’t really a tooth fairy. It’s just make-_____. (believe, imagine, sense)


1.  matters
2.  boil
3.  scarce
4.  fuss
5.  song and dance
6.  bones
7.  believe

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vocabulary exercises

Phrasal Verbs (1)

Fill the gaps with the phrasal verbs (in the correct form). There is an extra verb.

drag on     drop off    go off     join in     run into     set off     squeeze in    stand for    stick around   

    1. The other day I _____   _____  a friend that I hadn’t seen since we were at university.
    2. There’s going to be a lot of traffic tomorrow so we should _____   _____ early.
    3. Ella asked the taxi driver to _____  her  _____ on the corner of King Street.
    4. Although I didn’t have an appointment the dentist was able to _____  me _____.
    5. I was late for work because my alarm clock didn’t _____   _____ and I missed my train.
    6. Sorry I’m so late – the meeting _____  _____ for ages!
    7. We didn’t go straight home after school – we _____  _____ to play football.
    8. At the party Doug didn’t want to _____  _____ with the dancing but after a while and after a few beers he changed his mind.

      1. ran into  2. set off  3. drop/off  4. squeeze/in  5. go off  6. dragged on  7. stuck around  8. join in


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