Vocabulary Quiz

Vocabulary Quiz: Happy Endings (4)

Words starting with PL-

Can you complete all these words which start with the letters PL-? Each line represents a letter.

Scroll down for the answers.

1. Prunes are dried pl_ _ _ .

2. “Do we need to buy more wine for the party?” – “No, we’ve got pl_ _ _ y.”

3. That man looks so familiar but I just can’t pl_ _ _ him. (= remember where I have seen him before)

4. “Thanks for having us over for dinner, Pablo.” — “The pl_ _s_ _ _ was all mine.”

5. The government has pl_ _g_ _ (= promised) to do more to help low-income families.

6. Oliver bought a pl_ _ of land and built his own house.

7.  MoliΓ¨re was a famous French pl_yw_ _ _ _t.

8. He pl_ _d_ _ guilty to the charges.

9. Sam and Katy are just friends. Their relationship is purely pl_ _ _n_c.

10. The campaign aims to raise awareness about the pl_ _h_ (= very difficult situation) of refugees.

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1. plums 2. plenty 3. place 4. pleasure 5. pledged 6. plot 7. playwright 8. pleaded 9. platonic 10. plight

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Vocabulary Quiz

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πŸ”Ή get good _____s at school

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πŸ”Ή be wide of the _____

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Vocabulary Quiz

I Love Idioms! (3): Clothes

Complete the idioms with a word related to clothing from the list. There are two extra words. Scroll down for the answers.

belt, boot, coat, cuff, glove, hat, seam, shoe, sock 

  1. If we want our money to last until the end of our holiday, we need to tighten our _____s. We’ve been spending our money much too fast.

  2. We had invited so many people to our party that the apartment was bursting at the _____s.

  3. If you need me, just phone me and I’ll be there at the drop of a _____.

  4. I wouldn’t like to be in your _____s when Martin finds out you had dinner with this ex.

  5. Sara is an expert on Italian art. She has given so many talks on the subject that she doesn’t prepare very much, she just speaks off the _____.

  6. Patrick has got a bit too big for his _____s since he was chosen to play for the national team. He thinks he’s really special.

  7. I thought the dress would be too small for me but it fit me like a _____.

  8. Hey everyone, I want to clear all the stuff out of the attic this afternoon so I can start painting. So roll up your _____s and let’s get started.

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Parts of the Body

Idioms with Think

Idioms with Make (1)

Idioms with Make (2)


1. belt
2. seam
3. hat
4. shoe
5. cuff
6. boot
7. glove
8. sleeve