Grammar: List of Exercises

Common grammar mistakes: Spot the Mistakes exercises¬†ūüĒé

Adjectives ending in -ed and -ing  Exercise 1 Exercise 2

Adjectives vs Adverbs  Exercise 1

Adjectives + Prepositions  Exercise 1, Exercise 2

Adjectives + Prepositions – Exercise 3: In and Out of Love

Articles, Definite and Indefinite Exercise 1

Conditionals, First and Second Exercise 1

Conditionals, Third  Exercise 1 Exercise 2

Few, a few, little, a little  Exercise 1

For, since, ago  Exercise 1

Have something done  Exercise 1

Indirect Questions  Exercise 1

Linking words (despite, however, etc) Exercise 1  Exercise 2

Modal verbs

Mustn’t vs. don’t have to ¬†Exercise 1

Passive Exercise 1  Exercise 2

Past simple  Exercise 1 Exercise 2

Possessive Adjectives and Possessive Pronouns Exercise 1

Prepositions of time  Exercise 1  Exercise 2

Present simple or present continuous? Exercise 1

Present perfect continuous Exercise 1

Present perfect simple vs present perfect continuous Exercise 1

Question Tags, Basic  Exercise 1

Question Tags, Advanced  Exercise 1 Exercise 2

Reflexive vs Reciprocal pronouns  (myself, yourself, etc / each other) Exercise 1

There is, there are, there was, there will be etc  Exercise 1

Verb forms Exercise 1

Verb Patterns (1): Gerund or Infinitive? 
Verb Patterns (2): Gerund or Infinitive? (Special cases: Forget / Remember / Stop / Need)
Verb Patterns (3): Gerund or Infinitive?

Verbs + Prepositions Exercise 1 Exercise 2

What or that? Exercise 1

Verb Drills

Do you know your basic verb structures well and your irregular verb conjugations? If not, here are some drills to help you.

Verb Training (1): Irregular Verbs – Past Simple and Present Perfect (Intermediate + )
Verb Training (2): Different Tenses (Elementary/Pre-Intermediate)
Verb Training 3: Past Simple (Elementary/Pre-Intermediate)


Prepositions of Time