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Quick Vocabulary Quiz (59)

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1. admired 2. esteemed 3. prestigious 4. renowned 5. celebrated




Grammar Exercises

Adjective or Adverb? (1)

Complete the sentences using the adjective or adverb in brackets.

  1. “Shall we meet outside the cinema at seven?” – “Yes, ____!”    (perfect/perfectly)
  2. Why don’t you have a break? You’ve been working very ____.    (hard/hardly)
  3. It’s ____ cold today so make sure you wear your winter coat.  (terrible/terribly)
  4. The milk smells really ____. Don’t drink it!  (bad/badly)
  5. Ewan is very tired as he ____ slept last night.  (hard/hardly)
  6. He asked ____ for another glass of water.  (polite/politely)
  7. You’re very ____ today. Is something wrong?   (quiet/quietly)
  8. You look ____. Why don’t you sit down?   (tired/tiredly)
  9. The weather can change very ____ here.   (sudden/suddenly)
  10. Please close the door ____.   (quiet/quietly)
  11. I couldn’t finish the stew. It tasted ____ . (awful/awfully)
  12. Jack seems very ____ . (nice/nicely)


    1. perfect
    2. hard
    3. terribly
    4. bad
    5. hardly
    6. politely
    7. quiet
    8. tired
    9. suddenly
    10. quietly
    11. awful
    12. nice

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Prepositions, Vocabulary

Useful Prepositional Phrases with BY

Common English phrases with the preposition BY

by chance
by all means
by force
by mistake
by myself / yourself, etc
by far
by the time
by now
by heart
by post/hand
by sight


By chance a bus was coming just as I reached the bus stop.

“May I close the window?” – “Yes, by all means.”

The climate change protestors were removed by force from the building.

I took the wrong road by mistake and got totally lost.

Although Vicky lives by herself she’s not lonely.

You’ll have to go to the party by yourself. I can’t go.

It’s the best hotel we’ve stayed in by far.

Kelly knows all Adele’s songs by heart.

By the time we got to the station, the train had already left.

You really should know your irregular verbs by now.

Rebecca delivered her job application by hand as she would have missed the deadline if she had sent it by post.

I know Jake but only by sight; I’ve never spoken to him.