Grammar Exercises

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A Grammar Exercise for A2, B1 English learners

Complete the sentences with a question tag.

Spot the Grammar Mistakes!

Spot the Mistakes (5-10 minute tests)

These exercises are great training before an exam as they quickly help you identify which grammar areas need some extra study. They will also help you be more critical of your own writing.

Can you find the common grammar errors and correct them? 😊

Latest Exercise! (April 2023) Exercise 49

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Exercise 49 (April 2023)



VerbTraining 1: Irregular Verbs – Past Simple and Present Perfect (Intermediate + )
Verb Training 2: Different Tenses (Elementary/Pre-Intermediate)
Verb Training 3: Past Simple (Elementary/Pre-Intermediate)
Verb Training 4: Present Continuous
Verb Training 5: Past Simple Questions
Verb Training 6: Mixed Tenses

150 Very Common Phrasal Verbs

Grammar Exercises

English Speaking Skills: Conversation Questions

Practice is progress! To speak English or any foreign language confidently, there’s no two ways about it, you have to speak it. A LOT!!

Click on a topic for a list of conversation questions you can use in class, a language exchange or for self-study.

I really encourage you to ALSO use the questions for writing practice. It’s a fast and effective way to become aware of the vocabulary you are lacking or the grammar structures that are still rather wishy-washy. What’s more you don’t have the pressure of someone waiting for your answer!!

Don’t be afraid to look up words or expressions you don’t know, as this is a powerful way to expand your vocabulary skills.

Past Simple and Present Perfect

Conditionals (Second Conditional)

Books and Reading

Films and Cinema

Football / Soccer (with printable PDF)

The Weather

Food, Cooking and Eating Out

Animals and Nature

Social Media (with printable PDF)


Family and Friends

Travel and Holidays