Grammar Exercises

Adjectives + Prepositions (2)

A.  Choose the correct preposition in brackets.

1.  Tom’s very keen _____ sailing.  (in, of, on)

2.  The children are busy _____ their homework. (at, in, with)

3.  Bryan is frightened _____ clowns. (about, of, with)

4.  Sugar is bad _____ your teeth.  (for, of, with)

5.  I’m quite bad _____ maths.  (about, at, of)

6.  You got the job? That’s wonderful! I’m so proud _____ you! (about, of, with)

7.  I don’t think that dress is suitable _____ your sister’s wedding.  (for, of, to)

8.  The children are excited ____ going on holiday.  (about, for, to)

9.  Charlie is married _____ Lisa.  (of, to, with)

10.  Amanda is very interested _____ buying a house in Tuscany. (in, on, to)

11.  Jam is packed _____ calories (about, of, with) as it’s full _____ sugar.  (in, of, with)

12. Alessandro is responsible _____ the rock band’s social media accounts. (at, for, of)

13. Are you really serious _____ leaving your job?  (about, at, in)

14.  It was rude _____ them to leave without telling us.  (at, of, with)

15.  I wasn’t aware _____ the problem.  (for, in, of)

16.  You’re pretty good _____ skiing. (at, for, in)

17.  Eat your spinach, darling. It’s very good _____ you.  (at, for, to)


When you’ve checked your answers, scroll down to part B 😊


1. on

2. with

3. of

4. for

5. at

6. of

7. for

8. about

9. to

10. in

11. with; of

12. for


B.  After you’ve checked your answers, complete the sentences with a suitable preposition and your own ideas.

1.  I should eat more _________________ as it’s very good _____ me.

2.  I should drink less _______________ as it’s not very good _____ me.

3.  I’m interested _____  _______________.

4.  My best friend is pretty good _____   _____________ .

5.  I’m frightened _____  _______________ .

6.  I’m excited _____  _______________ .

7.  (famous person) ______________is married _____  (famous person) _____________ .

8.  At home I’m responsible _____  _______________ .

9.  I’m not very keen _____  _______________ .

10.  I’m busy _____  _______________ at the moment.

NB. Some adjectives can go with different prepositions depending on the context, as you have just seen with ‘good’ and ‘bad’.  So it’s a good idea to check your answers with a native speaker or a teacher. 

Confusing Words

What’s the Difference? (2): Lend vs. Borrow

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LEND sth (TO someone)  / LEND someone something

Meaning: Give something to somebody temporarily but then they have to return it.

Michael lent his computer to Charlie for the weekend.

Quick, can you lend me a pen?

I lent the money to Nicola! It wasn’t a gift! I’m expecting her to give it back.

BORROW sth (FROM someone)

Meaning: Take something temporarily that belongs to someone else with the intention of returning it.

That’s not Charlie’s computer.  He’s borrowed it from Michael for the weekend.

Quick, can I borrow a pen?

Nicola’s not keeping the money. She’s just borrowing it from me.

TIP:  Although the prepositions TO and FROM are not always needed, by paying special attention to them, it will help you confuse ‘lend’ and ‘borrow’ less.


Fill in the gaps with ‘borrow’ or ‘lend’ (in the correct form):

1. Can I _____ ten pounds? It’s urgent.
2. Can you _____ me ten pounds?  It’s urgent.
3. If you’re not using your skateboard, can I _____ it?
4. I _____ your dictionary to John yesterday. I hope you don’t mind.
5. You don’t need to buy the book. I’m sure you can _____ it from the library.
6. Is that your coat? No, I’ve _____ it from my sister.
7. I’m not going to _____ my brand new camera to Alan. No way!
8. Did you _____ my scissors? I can’t find them anywhere.

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1. borrow  2. lend  3. borrow  4. lent  5. borrow  6. borrowed  7. lend  8. borrow

What’s the difference between “IN the end” and “AT the end”?

What’s the difference between LOOK, SEE and WATCH?

What’s the difference between RAISE and RISE?