vocabulary exercise

I Love Idioms! (2) – Animals

Fill the gaps with a word from the list. There are two extra words.

bull    butterflies    cat    dog    donkey    goat    horse    pig    oyster    starfish

1. We can’t all stay at Hugo’s flat. It’s tiny. There isn’t enough room to swing a __________.

2. I’m sure I’ve failed my exam. I made a right _____’s ear of it.

3. You’re young. You can do anything or go anywhere. The world is your __________.

4. Polly is feeling very nervous before her first date with Michael. She has __________ in her stomach.

5. It really gets my __________  that Gavin is always late for everything.

6. This is such a one-__________ town! I can’t wait to move somewhere bigger and livelier.

7. I’m not lending you any more of my books. You always return them all _____-eared.

8. I love this song. I haven’t heard it in _____’s years. Turn up the radio!

butterflies love idioms


1. cat  2. pig  3. oyster  4. butterflies  5. horse  6. goat  7. dog  8. donkey

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