Vocabulary Quiz

Vocabulary Quiz: Happy Endings (5)

Words starting with CH-

Can you complete all these words which start with the letters CH-? Each line represents a letter.

1. Halloumi, cheddar and manchego are all kinds of ch_ _ _ _.

2. Even though the spring afternoons are warm it can get quite ch_ _ _ _ once the sun goes down.

3. Children under five can visit the museum free of ch_ _ _ _. They don’t have to pay.

4. To get in shape for the summer Stella set herself the ch_ _ _ _ _g_ of walking 3km a day for a month.

5. The sound of birds singing at dawn is called the dawn ch_r_ _.

6. Ch_ _ _m_ _ _ tea is one of the world’s favourite herbal teas. It is said to help with digestion and sleep.

7. I cut the pineapple into ch_ _ks and put some on the top of my pizza.

8. Ch_ _ _ l _ _n_ are lizards. They are well-known for their rotating eyes, their very long and lightning-fast tongues and their ability to change colour.

9. There are lots of lovely cafés and restaurants in the town. You are really spoilt for ch_ _c_.

10. Karl is trying to learn five languages all at the same time but he is really struggling. I think he has bitten off more than he can ch_ _.

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1. cheese
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3. charge
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