Grammar Exercises

Grammar Exercise: No, None, Any, Anything, Nothing

B1 / B2 Level

Complete the sentences with no, none, any, anything or nothing

  1. Go away. This has _______ to do with you.
  2. If there is _______ I can do to help, just let me know.
  3. By the time I got to the greengrocer’s there were _______ avocados left, _______ at all.
  4. You can take _______ bus. They all go to the city centre.
  5. I have _______ idea how to fix this. Do you?
  6. _______ chance you could take me to the airport tomorrow?
  7. _______ on the menu was vegetarian.
  8. I tried on all the dresses but _______ of them fit me.
  9. Would you like some help? I’m not doing _______.
  10. _______ of her friends have met her new boyfriend yet.

Testing your English with my short grammar and vocabulary exercises is a very quick and effective way to find out where you have gaps in your English skills.

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1. nothing
2. anything
3. no, none
4. any
5. no
6. any
7. nothing
8. none
9. anything
10. none