Grammar Exercises

Adjective or Adverb? (1)

Complete the sentences using the adjective or adverb in brackets.

  1. “Shall we meet outside the cinema at seven?” – “Yes, ____!”    (perfect/perfectly)
  2. Why don’t you have a break? You’ve been working very ____.    (hard/hardly)
  3. It’s ____ cold today so make sure you wear your winter coat.  (terrible/terribly)
  4. The milk smells really ____. Don’t drink it!  (bad/badly)
  5. Ewan is very tired as he ____ slept last night.  (hard/hardly)
  6. He asked ____ for another glass of water.  (polite/politely)
  7. You’re very ____ today. Is something wrong?   (quiet/quietly)
  8. You look ____. Why don’t you sit down?   (tired/tiredly)
  9. The weather can change very ____ here.   (sudden/suddenly)
  10. Please close the door ____.   (quiet/quietly)
  11. I couldn’t finish the stew. It tasted ____ . (awful/awfully)
  12. Jack seems very ____ . (nice/nicely)


    1. perfect
    2. hard
    3. terribly
    4. bad
    5. hardly
    6. politely
    7. quiet
    8. tired
    9. suddenly
    10. quietly
    11. awful
    12. nice

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Grammar Exercises

Grammar Exercise: HAD BETTER

B1 Level / Intermediate English


Would you like to review the grammar explanation first?

Complete these sentences using had better and the following verbs:

not arrive    book  call not miss    pay    put on    return    not wear   

 1.  You ________ those books to the library soon or you’ll get a fine.

2.  She ________ late again or she’ll get the sack.

3.  You ________  your electricity bill today or they’ll cut you off.

4.  It’s a formal occasion so you ________ jeans.

5.  That restaurant’s very popular and it’s Saturday night. We ________ a table.

6.  You ________ the train or you’ll be late for your interview.

7.  You ________ a coat. It’s freezing outside.

8.  I think we ________ David a taxi. He has had a lot to drink and he should go home.

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1. had better return
2. had better not arrive
3. had better pay
4. had better not wear
5. had better book
6. had better not miss
7. had better put on
8. had better call

Grammar Exercises

Grammar Exercise: No, None, Any, Anything, Nothing

B1 / B2 Level

Complete the sentences with no, none, any, anything or nothing

  1. Go away. This has _______ to do with you.
  2. If there is _______ I can do to help, just let me know.
  3. By the time I got to the greengrocer’s there were _______ avocados left, _______ at all.
  4. You can take _______ bus. They all go to the city centre.
  5. I have _______ idea how to fix this. Do you?
  6. _______ chance you could take me to the airport tomorrow?
  7. _______ on the menu was vegetarian.
  8. I tried on all the dresses but _______ of them fit me.
  9. Would you like some help? I’m not doing _______.
  10. _______ of her friends have met her new boyfriend yet.

Testing your English with my short grammar and vocabulary exercises is a very quick and effective way to find out where you have gaps in your English skills.

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1. nothing
2. anything
3. no, none
4. any
5. no
6. any
7. nothing
8. none
9. anything
10. none