Spot the Grammar Mistakes!

Spot the Mistakes (5-10 minute tests)

These exercises are great training before an exam as they quickly help you identify which grammar areas need some extra study. They will also help you be more critical of your own writing.

Can you find the common grammar errors and correct them? 😊

Latest Exercise! (April 2023) Exercise 49

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Exercise 49 (April 2023)



VerbTraining 1: Irregular Verbs – Past Simple and Present Perfect (Intermediate + )
Verb Training 2: Different Tenses (Elementary/Pre-Intermediate)
Verb Training 3: Past Simple (Elementary/Pre-Intermediate)
Verb Training 4: Present Continuous
Verb Training 5: Past Simple Questions
Verb Training 6: Mixed Tenses

150 Very Common Phrasal Verbs

Grammar Exercises

Quick English Pronunciation Exercises

It can really help improve your pronunciation if you take a little time to learn the phonetic symbols and the sounds they represent.  Learning them has helped many of my students with their pronunciation. And it will save you time in your English adventure!

Start here and then come back and practice!

You don’t need to worry about learning to write them just to recognise them so that when you see them in a dictionary or on social media or your teacher writes them out, you know what sounds should be produced.

Do these quick pronunciation exercises and you’ll pick them up in no time.

NB. These exercises are based on my British southern accent (but also work for RP)

Very important!! There are many accents so I really encourage you as you are learning English to expose yourself to different accents from different countries and regions. However, just because an accent is different, it doesn’t mean that every word is pronounced in an entirely different way.

If you want a deeper dive into pronunciation, check out my recommendations below.

Exercise 1 Common Words

Exercise 2 Common Words

Exercise 3 Common Words

Exercise 4 Common Words

Exercise 5 Common Words

Exercise 6 Common Words

Exercise 7 Common Words

Exercise 8 Common Words

Exercise 9 Common Words

Exercise 10  Animals

Exercise 11 Personality Adjectives

Exercise 12 Free Time Activities

Exercise 13 Health and the Body

Exercise 14 TV and Film

Exercise 15 Work

Exercise 16 Thanksgiving

Exercise 17 Christmas

Exercise 18 Cats

Exercise 19 Football

Exercise 20 Tennis

Exercise 21: Halloween

My recommendations

If you’d like to learn more about pronunciation, I highly recommend checking out Papa Teach Me’s series of pronunciation videos:  I have learnt from him myself!

Learn more about the schwa which is the most common sound in English with this very short video. It is really worth your time to know the basics about this hugely important sound.


Quick Pronunciation Exercise (14) – TV and Film

It can really help your pronunciation if you know the phonetic symbols and the sounds they represent. These quick exercises will help you learn the symbols.

Students often find that they can pronounce a ‘difficult’ word much more easily once they see it written phonetically, because English spelling is often quite treacherous, so to speak!

You will also see how often the schwa sound is used in English.

Can you ‘decipher’ these 12 words related to Television and Film? Scroll down for the answers.

Screen Shot 2019-02-10 at 15.47.43

Check out the main Quick English Pronunciation Exercises page with the full list of exercises and links to very useful pronunciation videos.


Click on a topic for a list of conversation questions you can use in class or a language exchange.

Football / Soccer

Social Media


Books and Reading

Films and Cinema


  1. sitcom
  2. series
  3. repeat
  4. character
  5. performance
  6. plot
  7. costume
  8. subtitles
  9. sequel
  10.  audience
  11.  screen
  12.  role

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