Grammar Exercises

Spot the Mistakes (42)

Spot the Mistakes Cover New

Which of these sentences are grammatically incorrect? Scroll down for the answers.

1.  I wish I had longer legs!
2.  I ate my lunch as fast as I could.
3.  The most early I can come to the restaurant is nine thirty.
4.  You couldn’t give me a lift to the station, could you?
5.  I’m very annoyed as the parcel should have arrive by now.
6.  He passed even though it was fairly difficult exam.
7.  We would all be very surprising if she got the job.
8. Gabriel tries to speak a bit of English everyday.


1.  ✅

2.  ✅

3.  The earliest I can come to the restaurant is nine thirty.

4.  ✅

5.  I’m very annoyed as the parcel should have arrived by now.

6.  He passed even though it was a fairly difficult exam.

7.  We would all be very surprised if she got the job.

8.  Gabriel tries to speak a bit of English every day.

Vocabulary Quiz

EnglishSmarts CT Quiz 624

New Test Your English! Aug 2018

What’s the missing word? (The same word fits all the gaps). Answers by DM *only* to @EnglishSmarts on Twitter. If I’m not following you, ask me for a follow first please. 😉

🔶  on the spur of the _____

🔶  to live in the _____

🔶  a teachable _____



Animal Trivia Quiz!

Copy of IG - Vocabulary Quiz - Idioms (Animals)-4

It’s time to put your animal expertise to the test! The answers are at the bottom of the page.

1.  The fastest creature in the animal kingdom is a bird, the ________.

(a)  common swift

(b)  frigate bird

(c)  great horned owl

(d)  peregrine falcon

2.  A baby kangaroo is known as a ________.

(a)  jill

(b)  jim

(c)  joey

(d)  jonny

Joey - cropped

3. Which snake isn’t native to the British Isles?

(a)  adder

(b)  grass

(c)  rattlesnake 

(d)  smooth

4.  Which mythical creature is Scotland’s national animal?

(a)  unicorn

(b)  griffin

(c)  phoenix

(d)  dragon

Facebook Cheetah

5.  Which of the big cats can’t roar?

(a)  jaguar 

(b)  cheetah

(c)  leopard

(d) tiger

6.  Which of these isn’t a species of shark?

(a)  bottlenose

(b)  cookiecutter

(c)  goblin

(d)  leopard

Meerkat - animal quiz

7.  Which of these animals spends most of its life in a tree?

(a) otter

(b)  walrus

(c)  sloth

(d) meerkat

8.  Which of these won’t you find in a honey bee colony?

a) a slacker

b) a worker

(c) a queen

(d) a drone

Bee on flower


1.  (d) peregrine falcon (they can dive at over 320km/h!)

2.  (c) joey  (click here for 5 Amazing Kangaroo Joey Facts)

3.  (c) rattlesnake (native to the Americas)

4.  (a) unicorn (click here for 10 Magical Facts about Unicorns)

5.  (b) cheetah (it can purr though!)

6.  (a) bottlenose (it’s a dolphin species)

7.  (c) sloth  (they are much safer up in the trees!)

8.  (a) slacker  (a slacker is an informal word for a person who is lazy and doesn’t do all the work they should)

Vocabulary, What's the Difference?

End the Confusion! (3) At the end vs. In the end

These two little phrases are often confusing for students, the only difference is a tiny wee preposition! They are high frequency so you do need to know them properly. The explanations will show you when you need to use ‘at’ and when to use ‘in’. Do the exercise at the end 😉  to check you’ve got them crystal clear.


Meaning: in the final part of something, when something ends

Juan is going back to Chile at the end of June.

We all got a certificate at the end of the course.

There’s a lovely park at the end of the road.

The play was a great success. At the end (= when it finished) everybody stood up and cheered.


Meaning 1: finally, after a long time; 

We got lost walking around the city but in the end we managed to find our hotel again.

It rained all morning but the sun came out in the end and I was able to take the dog for a walk.

Meaning 2: after considering everything, after all

We didn’t win the tournament but in the end what’s important is that everybody really enjoyed themselves.

“Try not to get so stressed about your interview,” said Harry. “In the end it’s just an interview. If you don’t get the job, there will be others.”


Fill the gaps with ‘at’ or ‘in’

1. We’re looking forward to going to Mexico _____ the end of May.

2. The huge shark was coming towards me and I screamed, but it was just a dream _____ the end.

3. The best part of the party was ____ the end when there was an amazing firework display.

4. _____ the end of the interview they offered Keira the job.

5. It wasn’t easy to choose a university but _____ the end Deborah decided on Glasgow.


  1. at
  2. in
  3. at
  4. at
  5. in
Grammar Exercises

Time Prepositions #2 (at, in, on, for, since)


Fill the gap with ‘at’, ‘in’, ‘on’, ‘for‘ or ‘since‘.

  1. They’ve been living in Moscow _____ a few months.
  2. In the tourist areas many of the shops are open _____ Sundays.
  3. Elizabeth is on holiday _____ the moment.
  4. Everybody must get to work _____ time.
  5. Sofia is expecting a baby _____ the summer.
  6. _____ his spare time Michael writes short stories.
  7. I haven’t seen Nicole _____ last summer.
  8. We reached the airport just _____ time to catch our flight.
  9. Your birthday is _____ the same day as mine!
  10. Our exams start _____ two weeks’ time.
  11. Stewart is doing the night shift tonight. He starts _____ ten and finishes _____ six.
  12. Please phone Mum if you’re not going to be home _____ time for dinner.
  13. Where have you been? I’ve been waiting for you _____ ages!
  14. Drew Barrymore has been acting _____ she was little.
  15. Gabrielle met her husband on holiday in Italy. _____ the time they were only sixteen.


    1. for
    2. on
    3. at
    4. on
    5. in
    6. in
    7. since
    8. in
    9. on
    10. in
    11. at, at
    12. in
    13. for
    14. since
    15. at