Grammar Exercises

Grammar Exercise: The Passive (2)

Change these sentences from the active to the passive. (Answers at the bottom of the page)

eg. They told him to wait. ➜ He was told to wait.

1.  He hasn’t used his credit card.

2.  The fire destroyed several buildings.

3.  They are checking the passengers’ passports.

4.  They have informed everybody.

5.  Somebody stole Jack’s laptop yesterday.

6.  They have arrested five people in the connection with the incident.

7.  They are taking down the party decorations.

8.  They should give him a medal.

9.  They are holding the meeting on Friday.

10.  They will call off the match if it keeps raining.


1. His credit card hasn’t been used.
2. Several buildings were destroyed (by the fire).
3. The passengers’ passports are being checked.
4. Everybody has been informed.
5. Jack’s laptop was stolen yesterday.
6. Five people have been arrested in connection with the incident.
7. The party decorations are being taken down.
8. He should be given a medal.
9. The meeting is being held on Friday.
10. The match will be called off if it keeps raining.

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LINKING WORDS (2): although / despite / even so / even though, etc

Choose the correct option.

  1. Even so / Even though we worked very hard, we just couldn’t finish the project on time.
  2. It was pretty cold and cloudy at the beach. Still / Though, we enjoyed ourselves.
  3. Don’t call me at work this afternoon provided / unless it’s absolutely necessary.
  4. You can go to the concert provided / unless you’ve done all your schoolwork first.
  5. Georgina passed her driving test despite / in spite the fact she was very nervous.
  6. The airport remained open in spite / despite of the severe winds and torrential rain. Flights were temporarily suspended although / though.
  7. I’m going to finish this report, however / even if I have to stay up all night to do so.
  8. The reviews for the film aren’t great, but even if /even so, I want to see it.
  9. By / On the one hand I’d love to go on holiday with my cousin but by / on the other hand I should be saving money for a new car.
  10. The train was very crowded. We managed to find a seat, although / however.


    1. Even though
    2. Still
    3. unless
    4. provided
    5. despite
    6. in spite
    7. even if
    8. even so
    9. On / on
    10. however

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Grammar Exercises

Spot the Mistakes (14)

Which of these sentences are grammatically incorrect? Correct the mistakes.

  1. I phoned my aunt as it was her birthday.
  2. You had better go – it gets late.
  3. Diane gets on very well with her sister.
  4. The teacher always gives us lots of homeworks.
  5. My sister she lives in Germany.
  6. Charlie met his wife during he was working in Argentina.
  7. You shouldn’t  lie down straight after to eat.


    1. ✅
    2. You had better go – it’s getting late.
    3. ✅
    4. The teacher always gives us lots of homework.
    5. My sister lives in Germany.
    6. Charlie met his wife while/when he was working in Argentina.
    7. You shouldn’t  lie down straight after eating.