Grammar Exercises

Verb Patterns (1): Verb + Gerund or Infinitive?

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Add the gerund or infinitive form (with or without β€œto”) of the verb in brackets.

  1. Beatrice offered __________ (carry) my suitcase.
  2. β€œDo you mind __________ (babysit) Leo for a few hours? I really need __________ (get) some rest.”
  3. Kevin is tired of __________ (sit) in traffic jams every morning.
  4. We decided __________ (adopt) a dog from an animal shelter.
  5. As it was rush hour we avoided __________ (take) the bus and we chose __________ (walk) instead.
  6. Max has spent hours and hours __________ (study) in the library. He really deserves__________ (pass) his history exam
  7. In museums you are generally not allowed __________ (touch) anything.
  8. Most of us dislike people __________ (interrupt) us.
  9. Unfortunately we can’t afford __________ (live) in the city.
  10. I wonder if Paul will let me __________ (borrow) his brand new motorbike.
  11. __________ (eat) less meat is better for the environment, many scientists say.
  12. Ian prefers __________ (hike) in the mountains to __________ (relax) on the beach.
  13. Luckily I managed __________ (get) a doctor’s appointment at short notice.
  14. It was worth __________ (pay) a little extra to get a room with a sea view.
  15. Let’s try and persuade Cris __________ (come) on holiday with us.
  16. “The secret of __________ (get ahead) is getting started.” – Mark Twain.


1. to carry  2. babysitting; to get  3. sitting  4. to adopt  5. taking; to walk  6. studying; to pass  7. to touch  8. interrupting  9. to live  10. borrow  11. Eating  12. hiking; relaxing  13. to get  14. paying  15. to come  16. getting ahead

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