vocabulary exercises

Phrasal Verbs with ‘GO’

Level: B1 / B2

Add a suitable phrasal verb in the correct form.

go ahead, go away, go by, go down with, go off, go out, go through, go under

1. Julie and Nick have been ____________ for eight years and plan to get married in the autumn.

2. Running a restaurant is a very tough business and sadly many restaurants _______ in the first year.

3. The man at the bar was annoying me so I told him to _______.

4. The university canteen was closed temporarily when twelve students _______ food poisoning.

5. The wedding is _______ despite the fact that the bridegroom’s mother is ill in hospital.

6. Vicky was late for work this morning because her alarm didn’t _______.

7. The security guards _______ our bags before we went into the football stadium.

8. Our holiday has _______ so fast. I can’t believe we have to fly back home tomorrow.

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1. going out
2. go under
3. go away
4. went down with
5. going ahead
6. go off
7. went through
8. gone by


Verb Patterns (3): Gerund or Infinitive?

Add the gerund or infinitive form (with or without “to”) of the verb in brackets. Scroll down for the answers

  1.  “I don’t feel like _______ (cook) for so many people. How about _______ (order) some pizzas?”
  2. Glen really enjoys _______ (read) books by Stephen King.
  3. We arranged _______ (meet) my cousins at the entrance to the amusement park.
  4. At work Sonia agreed _______ (take) a pay cut. However, she refused _______ (work) longer hours.
  5. I’m not sure it’s worth _______ (go) to the party now. It’s probably almost over.
  6. Julian spends all his time _______ (study) these days.
  7. When he graduates Damian would like _______ (work) for a national newspaper.
  8. Pamela can’t stand people _______ (wear) fur coats.
  9. Before _______ (become) a rock star, Sting used _______ (be) a teacher.
  10. The book was so funny it made me _______ (laugh) out loud.
  11. They were so busy _______ (look at) the cute dog that they didn’t notice the bus had arrived.
  12. _______ (Study) languages online is become more and more popular.

Verb Patterns (1): Gerund or Infinitive? 

Verb Patterns (2): Gerund or Infinitive? (Special cases: Forget / Remember / Stop / Need)

Verb Patterns (4): Gerund or Infinitive?

Verb Patterns (5): Verb + Object + Infinitive

  1. cooking, ordering
  2. reading
  3. to meet
  4. to take, to work
  5. going
  6. studying
  7. to work
  8. wearing
  9. becoming, to be
  10. laugh (no ‘to’)
  11. looking at
  12. Studying