vocabulary exercises

Idioms with ‘Make’ (2)

Choose the correct alternative in brackets.

  1. The traffic was so bad that we got to the hotel very late, and to make _____ worse they couldn’t find our reservation. (issues, matters, thing)

  2. It makes my blood _____ when I see people mistreating animals. (boil, hot, thick)

  3. Grandpa is in a grumpy mood so it’s best if we make ourselves _____ for a few hours. (scarce, splash, tracks)

  4. Lily adores her grandparents’ dog. She always makes a big _____ over him.  (bolt, fool, fuss)

  5. So the waiter overcharged you by fifty pence. You didn’t need to make a _____ about it. It was a just a simple mistake and you embarrassed the poor guy. (cat and mouse, kiss and tell, song and dance)

  6. When Robert quit his job he made no ______ about what he thought of the boss.  (bites, bones, brains)

  7. Harry said there isn’t really a tooth fairy. It’s just make-_____. (believe, imagine, sense)


1.  matters
2.  boil
3.  scarce
4.  fuss
5.  song and dance
6.  bones
7.  believe

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