Grammar Exercises

NEW! Grammar Exercise: Future Perfect (1)

Put these sentences into the future perfect using the verb in brackets. Scroll down for the answers.

eg. In two month’s time Cynthia and Karl will have been married for fifty years. (be married)

1.  The builders say they ________  the leaking roof by the weekend. (repair)

  2.  Hopefully the boss ________  interviewing all the candidates by 6.30. (finish)

  3.  The company ________  200,000 bottles of cava before the end of the year. (export)

  4.  Judy has promised her agent that by September she ________ the first three chapters of her new novel. (write)

5.  Poor Luca!  If he doesn’t get any sleep tonight, he ________ for almost forty-eight hours!   (not / sleep)

  6.  I ________ to bed by the time you get home from work. (go)

7.  By the end of the tour the band ________  in over 30 countries. (play)

  8.  We hope that by 4 o’clock this afternoon we ________  the contract on our new house. (sign)

  9.  There’s no point going to the cinema now.  The film ________ . (already / begin)

10. I hope that by this time next year I ________ lots of progress with my Italian. (make)

11. We don’t need to hurry to the arrivals gate. Their plane ________ yet. (not / land)

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Do you know your basic verb structures well and your irregular verb conjugations? If not, here are some drills to help you.

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1. will have repaired
2. will have finished
3. will have exported
4. will have written
5. won’t have slept
6. will have gone
7. will have played
8. will have signed
9. will have already begun
10. will have made
11. won’t have landed

Vocabulary Quiz

NEW! Vocabulary Quiz: Happy Endings (5)

Words starting with CH-

Can you complete all these words which start with the letters CH-? Each line represents a letter.

1. Halloumi, cheddar and manchego are all kinds of ch_ _ _ _.

2. Even though the spring afternoons are warm it can get quite ch_ _ _ _ once the sun goes down.

3. Children under five can visit the museum free of ch_ _ _ _. They don’t have to pay.

4. To get in shape for the summer Stella set herself the ch_ _ _ _ _g_ of walking 3km a day for a month.

5. The sound of birds singing at dawn is called the dawn ch_r_ _.

6. Ch_ _ _m_ _ _ tea is one of the world’s favourite herbal teas. It is said to help with digestion and sleep.

7. I cut the pineapple into ch_ _ks and put some on the top of my pizza.

8. Ch_ _ _ l _ _n_ are lizards. They are well-known for their rotating eyes, their very long and lightning-fast tongues and their ability to change colour.

9. There are lots of lovely cafés and restaurants in the town. You are really spoilt for ch_ _c_.

10. Karl is trying to learn five languages all at the same time but he is really struggling. I think he has bitten off more than he can ch_ _.

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EnglishSmarts B1/B2

DazzleEnglish B2/C1 

150phrasalverbs – to learn and review 150 must-know English phrasal verbs


1. cheese
2. chilly
3. charge
4. challenge
5. chorus
6. chamomile
7. chunks
8. chameleons
9. choice
10. chew

test your English

Key Word Transformation Exercise (2)

Complete the second sentence so that the meaning is very similar to the first, using the key word in bold.

Use between two and five words, including the key word. Contractions (I’m, can’t, etc, count as two words)

1. We discovered a lovely little coffee shop on our walk through the old town. ACROSS

We _______________  a lovely little coffee shop on our walk through the old town.

2. If it’s okay with you, I’d prefer to stay at home. MIND

If _______________ , I’d prefer to stay at home. 

3. They don’t have permission to use the car park. ALLOWED

They _______________ to use the car park.

4. We were so surprised when Paul appeared at the party. TURNED

We were so surprised when Paul _______________ at the party.

5. The lift isn’t working so we’ll take the stairs. ORDER

The lift is _______________ so we’ll take the stairs.

6. I’ll have finished my homework soon. LONG

It _______________ to finish my homework.

7. It’s possible I forgot to lock the door. MIGHT

I _______________ to lock the door.

8. Who does this scarf belong to? IS

_______________ scarf?


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