Grammar Exercises

Grammar Exercise: So, Such, So Much, So Many

B1 / B2 English Level

Complete the sentences with so, such, such (a/an), so much or so many.

1. It was _____ cold day that we stayed indoors.
2. The book was _____ exciting I couldn’t put it down.
3. Henry is _____ incredibly talented artist.
4. I have _____ lot of homework I don’t how I’ll finish it before tomorrow.
5. There was _____ traffic that I nearly missed my flight.
6. He spoke _____ softly that I could barely hear him.
7. It was _____ nice food at the restaurant and the service was _____ good that we went back for another the next evening.
8. _____ people liked the book that Karla is going to write another.


1. such a
2. so
3. such an
4. such a
5. so much
6. so
7. such; so
8. so many

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