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Grammar Exercise: No, None, Any, Anything, Nothing

B1 / B2 Level

Complete the sentences with no, none, any, anything or nothing

  1. Go away. This has _______ to do with you.
  2. If there is _______ I can do to help, just let me know.
  3. By the time I got to the greengrocer’s there were _______ avocados left, _______ at all.
  4. You can take _______ bus. They all go to the city centre.
  5. I have _______ idea how to fix this. Do you?
  6. _______ chance you could take me to the airport tomorrow?
  7. _______ on the menu was vegetarian.
  8. I tried on all the dresses but _______ of them fit me.
  9. Would you like some help? I’m not doing _______.
  10. _______ of her friends have met her new boyfriend yet.

Testing your English with my short grammar and vocabulary exercises is a very quick and effective way to find out where you have gaps in your English skills.

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1. nothing
2. anything
3. no, none
4. any
5. no
6. any
7. nothing
8. none
9. anything
10. none

Grammar Exercises

Spot the Mistakes (14)

Which of these sentences are grammatically incorrect? Correct the mistakes.

  1. I phoned my aunt as it was her birthday.
  2. You had better go – it gets late.
  3. Diane gets on very well with her sister.
  4. The teacher always gives us lots of homeworks.
  5. My sister she lives in Germany.
  6. Charlie met his wife during he was working in Argentina.
  7. You shouldn’t  lie down straight after to eat.


    1. ✅
    2. You had better go – it’s getting late.
    3. ✅
    4. The teacher always gives us lots of homework.
    5. My sister lives in Germany.
    6. Charlie met his wife while/when he was working in Argentina.
    7. You shouldn’t  lie down straight after eating.

Grammar Exercises

Verb Patterns (2): Remember, forget, stop, need, try

Download the PDF – Verb Patterns 2 – Remember Forget

Add the gerund or infinitive form of the verb in brackets.

  1. We had to stay indoors all day as it wouldn’t stop  ____________ (rain).
  2. To get to the zoo from here you need ____________ (take) the number 10 bus and remember ____________ (get off) at the third stop.
  3. “Don’t forget ____________ (check) your essays before you hand them in” reminded the teacher.
  4. Virginia’s never going to forget ____________ (swim) with sharks in Hawaii. It was a such a thrill.  In fact she’s now trying ____________ (persuade) her husband to go too.
  5. “Do you know how this coffee machine works?”
    – “I’ve no idea. Have you tried ____________ (press) the green button? That might help.”
  6. Before catching the train I stopped ____________ (buy) a drink and a doughnut.
  7. Your shirt needs ____________ (iron). It’s really creased.
  8. Poor Jack! He remembers ____________ (fall) down the stairs but he doesn’t remember anything else.
  9.  Honey, you need ____________ (stop) ____________ (worry). Everything will be okay.
  10.  Can you go and play somewhere else? I’m trying ____________ (study)


    1. raining  2. to take / to get off  3. to check  4. swimming/to persuade  5. pressing  6. to buy  7. ironing  8. falling  9. to stop / worrying  10. to study

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Verb Patterns (2): Gerund or Infinitive? (Special cases: Forget / Remember / Stop / Need)


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