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EnglishSmarts CT Quiz 684

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🔹 to _____ your way back

🔹 to _____ the headlines

🔹 to _____ a pit stop

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vocabulary exercises

Idioms with ‘Make’ (2)

Choose the correct alternative in brackets.

  1. The traffic was so bad that we got to the hotel very late, and to make _____ worse they couldn’t find our reservation. (issues, matters, thing)

  2. It makes my blood _____ when I see people mistreating animals. (boil, hot, thick)

  3. Grandpa is in a grumpy mood so it’s best if we make ourselves _____ for a few hours. (scarce, splash, tracks)

  4. Lily adores her grandparents’ dog. She always makes a big _____ over him.  (bolt, fool, fuss)

  5. So the waiter overcharged you by fifty pence. You didn’t need to make a _____ about it. It was a just a simple mistake and you embarrassed the poor guy. (cat and mouse, kiss and tell, song and dance)

  6. When Robert quit his job he made no ______ about what he thought of the boss.  (bites, bones, brains)

  7. Harry said there isn’t really a tooth fairy. It’s just make-_____. (believe, imagine, sense)


1.  matters
2.  boil
3.  scarce
4.  fuss
5.  song and dance
6.  bones
7.  believe

Test your Idioms!
Expressions with ‘Make’ (1)
Expressions with ‘Give’ (1)
Expressions with ‘Take’ (1)

Vocabulary Quiz

Idioms with ‘MAKE’ (1)

🖨   Idioms with Make (1) – PDF version

Choose the correct alternative in brackets.  

  1. It’s going to make Rachel’s _____ when you tell her you’re taking her and the kids to Australia! She’ll be thrilled. (day, hour, time)
  2. It’s getting late. We should make _____ . (paths, tracks, ways)
  3. Thanks to a private teacher Amaya has made a lot of _____ with her German. (forward, headway, progresses)
  4. As soon as we got into the club we made a _____line for the bar. (bee, fly, moth)
  5. I had made such a _____ ear of my French essay that I decided to start all over again (cow’s, duck’s, pig’s)
  6. It suddenly started to rain heavily while we were walking on the beach so we made a _____ for the car. (comeback, dash, hurry)
  7. I’m really sorry I had to cancel our dinner date yesterday. How can I make _____? (amends, compensations, remedies)
  8. What does this say, Anna? I can’t make head or _____ of your handwriting. (foot, heel, tail) 


1. tracks
2. headway
3. bee
4. pig’s
5. dash
6. amends
7. tail
8. day

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