Vocabulary Quiz

EnglishSmarts CT Quiz 682

What’s the missing word? (The same word fits all the gaps). Answers by DM *only* to @EnglishSmarts on Twitter.

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🔹 for what it’s _____

🔹 to be _____ the wait

🔹 it’s not _____ the money it’s written on

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Spelling Quiz

Spot the Spelling Mistakes (1)

Check the words in bold. Are they spelt correctly? If not, correct the spelling.

  1. He’s writting a letter.
  2. They’re looking for accomodation near the university.
  3. Don’t you believe me?
  4. The meeting is tomorow.
  5. They went to the party separately.
  6. The exam is in February.
  7. The goverment needs to act quickly.
  8. Your appearence is important in an interview.


  1. writing
  2. accommodation
  3. ✅
  4. tomorrow
  5. ✅
  6. ✅
  7. government
  8. appearance
Grammar Exercises

Adjectives Ending in -ing/-ed

Complete the sentences, adding -ed or –ing.

  1. It was an absolutely thrill_____ basketball match.
  2. Max finds his new job very reward_____.
  3. Juliet was very disappoint_____ that she couldn’t go on the trip.
  4. The journey was very tir_____. We were all exhaust_____ when we arrived.
  5. Angelique is very interest_____ in buying the house.
  6. The speech was ridiculously long. Everybody was bor_____ to tears.
  7. He has a very annoy_____ habit.
  8. I will be very surpris_____ if Matt gets the job.
  9. Are you frighten_____ of spiders?
  10. Stop talking about your job! You’re being very bor_____.
  11. I’m a bit conf_____. I’m going to ask the teacher to explain it again.
  12. I would love to visit Japan one day. It looks fascinat_____.
  13. They are going to adopt a dog. The children are so excit_____ about it.
  14. There was nothing to do on the island so we were terribly bor_____.



    1. thrilling

    2. rewarding

    3. disappointed

    4. tiring/exhausted

    5. interested

    6. bored

    7. annoying

    8. surprised

    9. frightened

    10. boring

    11. confused

    12. fascinating

    13. excited

    14. bored