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EnglishSmarts CT Quiz 682

What’s the missing word? (The same word fits all the gaps). Answers by DM *only* to @EnglishSmarts on Twitter.

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🔹 for what it’s _____

🔹 to be _____ the wait

🔹 it’s not _____ the money it’s written on

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Spelling Quiz

Spot the Spelling Mistakes (1)

Check the words in bold. Are they spelt correctly? If not, correct the spelling.

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  1. He’s writting a letter.
  2. They’re looking for accomodation near the university.
  3. Don’t you believe me?
  4. The meeting is tomorow.
  5. They went to the party separately.
  6. The exam is in February.
  7. The goverment needs to act quickly.
  8. Your appearence is important in an interview.
  9. It was begginning to rain.
  10. I have four nieces and nefews.


  1. writing
  2. accommodation
  3. ✅
  4. tomorrow
  5. ✅
  6. ✅
  7. government
  8. appearance
  9. beginning
  10. ✅  nephews

Spot the Spelling Mistakes (2)

Spot the Spelling Mistakes (3)

Verb Training 1: Present Perfect Simple (Positive) B1 / B2
Verb Training 2: Different Tenses (Elementary/Pre-Intermediate)
Verb Training 3: Past Simple (Elementary/Pre-Intermediate)
Verb Training 4: Present Continuous
Verb Training 5: Past Simple Questions
Verb Training 6: Mixed Tenses


Exercise 1
Exercise 2
Exercise 3