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EnglishSmarts CT Quiz 682

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🔹 for what it’s _____

🔹 to be _____ the wait

🔹 it’s not _____ the money it’s written on

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Quick Pronunciation Exercise (7): Common Words


If you find English pronunciation difficult, I suggest learning the phonetic symbols and the sounds they represent. These quick exercises are designed to help you learn the symbols in a fairly short time. Remember that you just need to recognise them, you don’t need to write them.

You might even be surprised at how simple some words are to pronounce after you see them written phonetically. You will also see how often the schwa sound is used in English.

Can you ‘decipher’ these words written phonetically?

Screen Shot 2017-05-25 at 09.46.37

Check out the main Quick Pronunciation Exercises page with the full list of exercises and links to very useful pronunciation videos.


1. marriage
2. literature
3. birthday
4. love
5. biscuit
6. idea
7. social
8. society