Grammar Exercises

Basic Question Tags (2)

Level: A2, B1 English learners

Complete the sentences with a question tag.

1. It’s so beautiful here, _____?
2. He’s studying upstairs, _______?
3. We’re going on Friday, _______?
4. You phoned the doctor, _______?
5. You weren’t listening, _______?
6. The shops are closed now, _______?
7. He hasn’t paid the bill yet, _______?
8. You’ve flown before, _______?
9. Your parents don’t eat meat, _______?
10. The meeting won’t take long, _______?
11. School starts next week, _______?
12. They’ve been to Sweden before, _______?
13. He didn’t forget to take his medicine, _______?
14. It’s going to snow later, _______?
15. We had a great time, _______?
16. You aren’t leaving already, _______?
17. You sister goes to this university, _______?
18. You haven’t met my brother, _______?
19. You remembered to lock the door, _______?
20. He’s going to do it, _______?
21. I told you about it, _______?
22. He doesn’t play basketball anymore, _______?
23. I need to study a bit more, _______?
24. She has time to do it, _______?
25. We’ve stayed at this hotel before, _______?
26. They will be here on time, _______?
27. Your English is getting a lot better, _______?
28. This exercise wasn’t too difficult, _______?

Basic Question Tags (1)
Advanced Question Tags (1)


1. isn’t it
2. isn’t he
3. aren’t we
4. didn’t you
5. were you
6. aren’t they
7. has he
8. haven’t you
9. do they
10. will it
11. doesn’t it
12. haven’t they
13. did he
14. isn’t it
15. didn’t we
16. are you?
17. doesn’t she
18. have you
19. didn’t you
20. isn’t he
21. didn’t I
22. does he
23. don’t I
24. doesn’t she
25. haven’t we
26. won’t they
27. isn’t it
28. was it

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English Speaking Skills: Conversation Questions

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Click on a topic for a list of conversation questions you can use in class, a language exchange or for self-study.

I really encourage you to ALSO use the questions for writing practice. It’s a fast and effective way to become aware of the vocabulary you are lacking or the grammar structures that are still rather wishy-washy. What’s more you don’t have the pressure of someone waiting for your answer!!

Don’t be afraid to look up words or expressions you don’t know, as this is a powerful way to expand your vocabulary skills.

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