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Phrasal Verbs with ‘GO’

Level: B1 / B2

Add a suitable phrasal verb in the correct form.

go ahead, go away, go by, go down with, go off, go out, go through, go under

1. Julie and Nick have been ____________ for eight years and plan to get married in the autumn.

2. Running a restaurant is a very tough business and sadly many restaurants _______ in the first year.

3. The man at the bar was annoying me so I told him to _______.

4. The university canteen was closed temporarily when twelve students _______ food poisoning.

5. The wedding is _______ despite the fact that the bridegroom’s mother is ill in hospital.

6. Vicky was late for work this morning because her alarm didn’t _______.

7. The security guards _______ our bags before we went into the football stadium.

8. Our holiday has _______ so fast. I can’t believe we have to fly back home tomorrow.

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1. going out
2. go under
3. go away
4. went down with
5. going ahead
6. go off
7. went through
8. gone by

Grammar Exercises

Basic Question Tags (2)

Level: A2, B1 English learners

Complete the sentences with a question tag.

1. It’s so beautiful here, _____?
2. He’s studying upstairs, _______?
3. We’re going on Friday, _______?
4. You phoned the doctor, _______?
5. You weren’t listening, _______?
6. The shops are closed now, _______?
7. He hasn’t paid the bill yet, _______?
8. You’ve flown before, _______?
9. Your parents don’t eat meat, _______?
10. The meeting won’t take long, _______?
11. School starts next week, _______?
12. They’ve been to Sweden before, _______?
13. He didn’t forget to take his medicine, _______?
14. It’s going to snow later, _______?
15. We had a great time, _______?
16. You aren’t leaving already, _______?
17. You sister goes to this university, _______?
18. You haven’t met my brother, _______?
19. You remembered to lock the door, _______?
20. He’s going to do it, _______?
21. I told you about it, _______?
22. He doesn’t play basketball anymore, _______?
23. I need to study a bit more, _______?
24. She has time to do it, _______?
25. We’ve stayed at this hotel before, _______?
26. They will be here on time, _______?
27. Your English is getting a lot better, _______?
28. This exercise wasn’t too difficult, _______?

Basic Question Tags (1)
Advanced Question Tags (1)


1. isn’t it
2. isn’t he
3. aren’t we
4. didn’t you
5. were you
6. aren’t they
7. has he
8. haven’t you
9. do they
10. will it
11. doesn’t it
12. haven’t they
13. did he
14. isn’t it
15. didn’t we
16. are you?
17. doesn’t she
18. have you
19. didn’t you
20. isn’t he
21. didn’t I
22. does he
23. don’t I
24. doesn’t she
25. haven’t we
26. won’t they
27. isn’t it
28. was it

Vocabulary Exercises

Phrasal Verb Exercises

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Grammar Exercises

Verb Patterns (5): Verb + Object + Infinitive

Use the structure Verb + Object + Infinitive to complete the sentences so that the meaning is similar to the first sentence.

I hope the bank will lend me a thousand pounds.
I want the bank to lend me a thousand pounds. * 

We were surprised that Manchester United lost the match.
We didn’t expect Manchester United to lose the match. *

1.  We would be very happy if you came on holiday with us.
     We would love _____________________

2.   Kevin said that we could ride his horse.
      Kevin allowed _____________________

3.   I was surprised that the bill was so expensive.
      I didn’t expect _____________________

4.   She said that I should remember to lock the door.
      She reminded _____________________

5.   Jennifer hopes her boss will give her a payrise.
      Jennifer wants ______________________

6.   George said to them “Don’t worry”.
      George told _____________________

7.   Dad said I must not go on my boyfriend’s motorbike.
      Dad forbade _______________________

8.   Shirley gave him singing lessons.
      Shirley taught _____________________

9. We would be so happy if she wrote more books.
      We would love _____________________

10. They believe he will win the election.
      They are expecting ____________________

11.  Our teacher said that we should read more.
      Our teacher encouraged ___________________

12. She said that they could use her printer.
      She allowed ______________________


1. you to come on holiday with us.
2. us to ride his horse.
3. the bill to be so expensive
4. me to lock the door.
5. her boss to give her a payrise.
6. them not to worry.
7. me to go on my boyfriend’s motorbike.
8. Sally taught him to sing.
9. her to write more books.
10. him to win the election.
11. us to read more.
12. them to use her printer.

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Verb Patterns (4): Gerund or Infinitive?


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