Verb Conjugation Exercises, Verb Drills

Verb Training (4) – Present Continuous Tense

A2/B1 Level

Change the present simple sentences to the present continuous, using the short form where possible. Scroll down for the printable PDF.

He takes a photograph. → He’s taking a photograph.

What time do we have lunch? → What time are we having lunch?

  1. They get ready to go out.
  2. Do you have fun?
  3. Do I walk too fast?
  4. Does she stay at your place?
  5. He explains the new system.
  6. Do you record this?
  7. Where do the children play?
  8. Sam and I leave tomorrow.
  9. He gives the dog a bath.
  10. Does she study upstairs?
  11. Somebody calls my name.
  12. Does somebody call my name?
  13. He designs a new website.
  14. They spend too much money.
  15. You waste everybody’s time.
  16. I expect a phone call.
  17. Do they move to California?
  18. Does she take the train?
  19. When do you leave?
  20. What do you wear to the party?
  21. Do you drink enough water?
  22. Does she get enough sleep?
  23. The weather changes.
  24. Does he play basketball?
  25. Do we play tennis later?


  1. They’re getting ready to go out.
  2. Are you having fun?
  3. Am I walking too fast?
  4. Is she staying at your place?
  5. He’s explaining the new system.
  6. Are you recording this?
  7. Where are the children playing?
  8. Sam and I are leaving tomorrow.
  9. He’s giving the dog a bath.
  10. Is she studying upstairs?
  11. Somebody’s calling my name.
  12. Is somebody calling my name?
  13. He’s designing a new website.
  14. They’re spending too much money.
  15. You’re wasting everybody’s time.
  16. I’m expecting a phone call.
  17. Are they moving to California?
  18. Is she taking the train?
  19. When are you leaving?
  20. What are you wearing to the party?
  21. Are you drinking enough water?
  22. Is she getting enough sleep?
  23. The weather’s changing.
  24. Is he playing basketball?
  25. Are we playing tennis later?

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Vocabulary Quiz

Phrasal Verbs (2): Mixed Verbs

Fill the gaps with the phrasal verbs (in the correct form). There are two extra verbs.

catch on   chop up    fire away    fire back   go off   pour down   put out   shop around   stay up   turn up

  1. When we went into the cinema it was bright and sunny but by the time we left it was absolutely _____   _____.
  2. The match is on TV but it doesn’t finish until after midnight. Ask Mum if she’ll let us _____   _____ to see it.
  3. “Can I help you get dinner ready?
    – “Yes, can you _____   _____ that parsley first?”
  4. I usually like fish but I _____   _____ it when I was pregnant.
  5. Are you sure you don’t mind driving me home? I don’t want to _____   you _____ .
  6. The family were delighted when their dog  _____   _____ safe and sound. They thought they would never see him again.
  7. Nicole was able to find the computer at a much lower price after _____   _____.
  8. “Can I ask you a few questions about your work?”
    – “Sure, _____   _____.”

    1. pouring down  2. stay up  3. chop up  4. went off  5. put … out  6. turned up  7. shopping around  8. fire away

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