Vocabulary Tests

Word Formation Exercises

Vocabulary-Enriching  Exercise 1

Expressions with ‘Give’  Exercise 1

Expressions with ‘Make’  Exercise 1  Exercise 2

Expressions with ‘Take’  Exercise 1

Confusing words (1): Mixed

Confusing words (2): Mixed

Confusing words (3): Say or Tell?

Confusing words (4): Job or Work?

Confusing words (5): As or Like?

Confusing words (6): Among or Between?

End the Confusion (1): Forget vs. Leave

End the Confusion (2): Lend vs. Borrow (with exercise)

End the Confusion (3): At the end vs. In the end (with exercise)

End the Confusion (4): Look vs. See vs. Watch (with exercise)

Test your Idioms!

I Love Idioms! (1):  Parts of the body

I Love Idioms! (2): Animals

Grow Your Idioms!

1. Introduction / Strike while the iron is hot

2. A bird’s eye view

3. I could murder….

4. Go/run like clockwork

5. (As) right as rain

6. Drop somebody a line

7. Like the cat that got the cream

8. Right/Straight from the horse’s mouth

Improve Your Accent Exercises

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Phrasal Verbs
Make or Do?
Common Adjectives with Opposites