😻  NEW!! 😻  QUIZ YOUR ENGLISH! Three exercises to test your general vocabulary, idioms, practical English, etc.  (with PDF)

Quiz Your English! (1) (with PDF Worksheet)

Quiz Your English! (2) (with PDF Worksheet)

Quiz Your English!(3) (with PDF Worksheet)

Vocabulary-Enriching  Exercise 1

Expressions with ‘Give’  Exercise 1

Expressions with ‘Make’  Exercise 1  Exercise 2

Expressions with ‘Take’  Exercise 1

Expressions with ‘Keep’  Exercise 1

Confusing words (1): Mixed

Confusing words (2): Mixed

Confusing words (3): Say or Tell?

Confusing words (4): Job or Work?

Confusing words (5): As or Like?

Confusing words (6): Among or Between?


End the Confusion (1): Forget vs. Leave (with exercise)

End the Confusion (2): Lend vs. Borrow (with exercise)

End the Confusion (3): At the end vs. In the end (with exercise)

End the Confusion (4): Look vs. See vs. Watch (with exercise)

End the Confusion (5): Raise vs. Rise (with exercise)

Test your Idioms!

I Love Idioms! (1):  Parts of the body

I Love Idioms! (2): Animals

Grow Your Idioms!

1. Introduction / Strike while the iron is hot

2. A bird’s eye view

3. I could murder….

4. Go/run like clockwork

5. (As) right as rain

6. Drop somebody a line

7. Like the cat that got the cream

8. Right/Straight from the horse’s mouth

Improve Your Accent Exercises

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Phrasal Verbs
Make or Do?
Common Adjectives with Opposites